30 October 2007


I have just come back from 4 days in Chiang Mai ... and as Nok Air had cancelled the CNX-UTH flight I had reserved, I am now in Bangkok instead of going to Udon Thani ... not worth the trouble and the additional time even if the alternative proposals I had from Nok were quite acceptable.

I loved Chiang Mai even if I could not do all what I had planned to do ... the bike shop which should have been near the hotel was no more, so I gave up riding up the mountains and instead chose to hang around in town... and god I was not disappointed ! Nice faces everywhere, treasures at every corner especially as long as school had not started again.

Same same in the bars : Chiang Mai venues are almost ladyboy-free, at least in the bars where I went, and everywhere there was a flavour of masculinity which was a nice change from Pattaya... And they are not too hysteric about the famous age limit which would divide sick paedos from healthy gays ... some boys in the Night Bazaar bars are probably borderline, and if I did not take any of them, it is because I found a serious and loving 22 y/o guy from Burma who made my evenings. The younger ones were pleasant eye candy though.

And last but not least, I had the nicest massage in a not well known place on Chang Phuak soi 2 ... Marn Maai Chai Kha or something like that, easy to spot with the Golden Ball maps in hand ... I entered there at 3 pm not knowing if there will be anyone, and from 7 or 8 guys I chose Art, a 19 y/o male (and I mean, male) who had just come from Mae Rim. The massage was sensual but serious, the boy was not too keen to go too far with the happy ending but his skin and his face were so arousing that it did not take long for me to be sent very high in the skies. I guess that he will be already less shy when you will go there.

A more complete review will follow, but for the time being, I plan to rent a taxi to hang around the Sanam Luang surroundings, and perhaps have one night in Khorat to get my fix of Isaan atmosphere.

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WooHoo said...

Just a short note to say "thanks" for posting your stories.
Please keep them coming!
I'm sure you have many 'silent' readers like me - your stories help me look forward to my next adventure in LOS :)