13 October 2007

Cloud nine

Gboysiam boy

Three nights at home, one night on the plane and .. here I am for this so much awaited holiday in Thailand. I should land in Bangkok next Wednesday shortly after noon, and I already know this will be a time of huge happiness.

For the time being, I am on cloud nine, checking once again the boards (so many bars to visit !), packing the bags for endless hours, and wondering what this trip will be like. It is a very special feeling to think that after reading the Pattaya Weekly Report for eleven months from your desk at home, you will read the next one in an internet shop on Pradiphat Road ... or to realise that the boys you see on gboysiam are no more a dream, but could well be a reality at least if you just want it.

By the way my favorite Catmagic (see post from last July) came forward again on the Gboysiam website, but I am a little bit disappointed by his new look ... has no one explained him I am not into boys with a moustache ? He claims to be both top and bottom, and is looking for a maen, meaning he does not like feminine looks. And he is still feeling lonely in Bangkok - can you believe it ?

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