29 September 2007


Still seventeen days and at last I should land in Suwanaphum ... times goes as slowly as before but from some facts I can now realise that the so much awaited moment is getting nearer ... ordering travellers cheques, warning friends and work mates that I will leave for one month .. and reading on the boards about events in Thailand that I will be able to attend personnally (not that I shall ...).

Not to be missed ... the "Phuan" movie .....
This is the time when you are in a blissful mood : nothing is important any more except climbing into this plane, closing your eyes and awaiting to see the rice fields from the plane window. Pondering what you will do in the first hours helps you falling asleep more easily  .. in fact the awaiting time is probably better for your health than being there !

I am now in the process of writing down my "must do" list ; it includes seeing the "Bangkok Love Story" ("Phuan") film, riding my bike up to the Samoeng pass, buying a new keyboard for my computer, updating my blog, completing my collection of (thai pop music) Single Hits CDs.

And also trying to snap more pictures for the blog, doing my best not to be involved again with a boy, enhancing my suntan before the long european winter, updating my blog, trying to keep the record and to review all the bars in Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Udon Thani, Khorat and Saphan Kwai (and somme massage parlors too ...). And, if I have some time left, going on the whole railway trip to Samut Sakhon (and not stopping it lazily at Samut Songkhram), exploring the backstreets near Saranrom Palace at night, avoiding Aedes Aegypti mosquitos, renewing my wardrobe and, of course, updating my blog ...

16 September 2007

Blogging issues

I am far from being a computer expert and when I come across the slightest problem with my blog, it is as if the sky is falling.

I had lost my template for some hours and the blog appeared without any frame as a plain white page. I thought it was a Blogger problem, but in fact I could fix it like an expert (a matter of dead link), and so everything is fine now.

As a reward for my fine work (modest, ain't I ?) and for your understanding, I thought I could post a picture of this VERY cute boy (you will guess I like skinny ones...)

Thank you all for stopping by and keep coming back ....

01 September 2007

Evening rainfall

September rainfall in Bangkok
This picture was shot on last Sunday and appeared on the 2Bangkok website ... nothing exceptionnal about it apart from the fact that I have been looking at it for many minutes. Why ? It looks more or less like what I can see when I am in my hotel room in Saphan Kwai ...

It is 5 in the evening, I have just come back from some strolling round the town and I begin to think of what will be my evening ... should I go to Big C to have a small meal (while peeping at the cuties working in the shop opposite) .. or rather go to the internet cafe for updating my blog among the students who have just come back from school ?

And what shall I do to-night ? It seems that it could rain so I should perhaps stick to the local bars ... To-day is Friday so there will be a lot of boys and lot of thai customers ... I will avoid Charmming which should be full, and rather go to Eagle where the boys are ALWAYS cute.

Well OK, I have decided now ... shower, reading the Nation, looking at the news on TV 5 -the thai channel, my hotel doesn't provide the french namesake - and then Big C if rain has stopped ...Then back to hotel for another shower, one beer at Street Boys and then straight to Eagle...

Thank you to 2Bangkok to have given me the opportunity to feel like being in Bangkok for some short minutes ... and justified your slogan : "almost like being there ... "