26 June 2007


Boy on the beach
Those of you living in Thailand have probably forgotten it now ... waiting for a time that seems never to come, counting every week end every day and see the numbers go down VERY slowly ... Many people are always complaining that time flies but be sure that those who are waiting their next flight to Thailand see it very differently.

Anyway I have nearly reached the two-thirds of my 11-month stay in Farangland, but it is as if my next trip to Thailand was still only a dream, as if it will never happen.

A poster on the Gaythailand forum expressed exactly what I am thinking now :
I don’t know what it is about the place that has me so obsessed with it but not a day that goes by that don’t think about it or just up and moving there and some how making a living there if I can. It’s like some sort of spell has been placed on me and I cant stop thinking about being there. I find myself getting very sad about not being able to return as fast as I would like, do to the fact I am working to much here and just don’t have the time

This was on a thread asking which were the top five reasons for holidaying in Thailand ... I simply could not answer, as the boys are surely not the only reason to go ; I could only answer that I guess it is a subtle mix of softness and freedom :
- softness and beauty of people (including the boys), landscapes, climate, the language, the food
- and the sense of freedom mainly because of the cheap prices and the unmatched quality/price rate for almost everything (including sex).

When you are in this state of mind, you must have something tangible you can grab to ... for now, this is for me a flight ticket that I bought three weeks ago (arrival on October 17 th for 28 nights), and a work of planning which takes most of my freetime - not that I like planning every detail, but at least it makes feel you like being there.

I should be on my own this time, because I don't think I could spend all my days and my nights with someone. I did not phone Tam since New Year, and he phoned me only once in April ; he told me he was going to bouat (enter monkhood for some weeks), and then he will perhaps work in a restaurant in Pattaya - he may well be there already.

Will the dream come true ?