20 February 2011


Although I praise myself for being rather impervious to everything artificial and useless, I must confess I have nearly be taken in like a beginner …

During my last stay in Pattaya, the Threezone bar's owner showed me the Camfrog website and suggested me to use it at home so that we could keep in touch …and six weeks ago I finally decided to take the step and downloaded this software. Of course he had taken care to warn me that I should stick to Camfrog Thailand only …

For those who do not know it, just let me quote what Uncle Wiki tells about it : Camfrog client is like other instant message programs in that it allows users to instant message each other privately. Users can also interact via a private one-on-one audio / video chat. Unlike most instant message programs, users can also connect to one of thousands of chat rooms available, to view other users live video, text chat and audio chat.

It was not long before I discovered that this software could be the best way to spend all my free time in a virtual world that I did not want to be involved with. There are about ten to twenty chat rooms for gay thai boys, and each room is like a candy store where scores of thai lads mostly in their undershirts or in their pants show their face and more. It is like a dream come true, where you have instant confirmation that many thai boys are really absolutely beautiful men if you like the boy-next-door type. This is someting you could easily forget given what you can see in more than one gay bar. And not only are they beautiful, but some loose all inhibition and show more than you have ever seen even in the most daring bars : jerk-offs, and if you are lucky live sex and group sex, are common in the rooms that allow it.

Call me an innocent, but I did not know it was so easy to enter such a paradise … I did not know either that I would still meet so arousing sights which brought me to heaven more often that I could think of …

On the first days, I kept on going from one room to another, riveted to my computer, listening to the D'Js in charge of convincing as many users as possible to put off their clothes and to help themselves in front of everyone. And God these D'Js are not only funny, they are also not fussy at all .. ; I could hear one of them yesterday openly courting a 17 y/o guy and convincing him to show what he had between his legs although he was in a public internet shop ... and the boy seemed so aroused by the situation that he quickly looked around him to check that no one was seeing and suddenly plunged his hands deep inside his trousers … in front of dozens of invisible lurkers, and more than once.

Sure speaking thai is almost a must if you want to grasp most of what is said by the Djs who has the duty to lead you to the most "interesting" users. And reading thai is still better as you could well be greeted by one of the users who will send you an instant message – and most of them are not really at ease with english. Although not hiding my true age – which is much higher than most thai Camfrog users, I have got more than one message, and have been invited to private virtual shows – which I happily obliged. To be true, farangs are a rare sight in these rooms as almost everything is spoken and written in thai.

(Cute) Camfrog user in Mahasarakham
The novelty has now faded a little – although I still spend too much time on Camfrog and not enough updating the blog and learning thai. Camfrog is not only a matter of sex, as most users come there for chatting and looking for friends, and not for exposing their body. What is really refreshing and interesting is being able to meet guys who do not belong to the bar scene : chatting with them gives you a much broader idea of what a thai boy's life looks like. I feel that strong friendship ties could develop – or more.

I am now in regular contact with a student in Mahasarakham who is as sweet and as fresh as you could imagine – and allowed me to post one of his pics. I also guess that it should be much easier to meet someone anywhere in Thailand – more easily than through Gay Romeo where you never have any visual contact with your new-found friend.

I still have to test in which way virtuality becomes reality and will try it next time I go to Thailand. Knowing too that I have a boyfriend who is quite real, and that virtuality will never replace reality.