25 September 2011


Waterfall boy
Waterfall boy

Thai are crazy with waterfalls ... OK some are worth the visit but many others are really very ordinary, at least for this mountain boy.

However I guess that this eagerness to visit the slightest cascade could have something to do with the atmosphere that you generally find in these places. They offer a nice relief for those wanting to escape the scorching heat, and especially during week-ends, many people gather with their families or whatever group they belong. Could this be the main reason why waterfalls attract so many people ?

18 September 2011

National parks

Cute boy in wonderful natural park Phu Kradung
Some will think I am busier at visiting new towns than natural tourist attractions. They may be right, but should not forget that it is easy to go to every town in Thailand, but you have to be on your own wheels as soon as you want to go in the countryside.

Moreover, I cannot come to Thailand during the best months, and being in the middle of nowhere in the mud and surrounded by all kinds of mosquitoes and leeches is not my idea of hard-earned holidays.

There are 48 national parks in Thailand and I think I only visited 4 of them : Doi Inthanon and Doi Suthep-Pui in Chiang Mai, Mae Yom in Phrae and Had Nopparatthara-Mu Ko Phi Phi in Krabi. And each one for too short visits. However, more will follow next month during the planned trip to North Thailand. Many others are on the must-do list.

On the top of the list are most isaan parks, among them Phu Kradung (picture above) which is well-known for providing fantastic natural views ...

11 September 2011


Those coming from hot areas cannot realise how great it feels to have a drink or to eat outside ... a pleasure that I very rarely indulge in at home, as temperatures are on the fresh side most of the year.

This is the most likely reason why I like to sit in a beer bar or an open-air restaurant everytime I can. Despite all the little bugs you could meet in these places...

04 September 2011

Why I love LOS

So many reasons why I love Thailand - the Land of Smiles ...

One of them is the convenient transport network .. be it by road or by train, by boat or by air, it is really not a problem to get from point A to point B in this country. Something we could take for granted, coming from so-called developped countries .. however I find using most means of transport (except cycling) more convenient in Thailand than in my own country. And more rewarding for the eye too.