12 May 2013


Being now overworked, I don't really have time to plan my next trip to Thailand – let alone updating this blog. And I am still waiting for better opportunities to book my flight with reasonable schedule and price … as long as you don't have secured your next flight ticket, it's still hard to plan a trip.

There will be one for sure, and hopely many more, as I am still hoping to be able to retire next year. But you are never sure in these days, as delaying retirement age seems to be the only tool that most governments want to use to address their most urgent financial needs. A lack of imagination and a crime against justice and freedom if you ask me.

So no plan for now except meeting with my boyfriend probably in his place in the North where he has at last found a job after some bad health problems. The news of my next retirement has not fallen into deaf ears and he is now trying to convince me to spend it in his province. Well I do not think I would be able to live upcountry for a whole year, and even to spend a whole 12-months in Thailand. Too many commitments here, too many hobbies I like and I could not be deprived of. My first goal would be to be able to spend two months or more in Thailand, be it in Bangkok or Pattaya and with trips to small towns – just to experience what freedom looks like.

Khorat cute boy
Boy on the net 
In the meantime, I keep in touch with the Camfrog boys I have met, but finding new ones is now more difficult. The limitations to access most rooms from outside Thailand are still implemented, and I understand that from the thai side, the pictures disappear after 30 seconds – not a lot of time left for flirting ...

However the boy I met last time in Khorat (ten minutes for chat, twenty minutes for sex and bye-bye) keeps on sending me fiery love messages, and would like to spend more time with me. He is the next-door type and is not shy in bed although claiming that I was his first kiss and his firts shower à deux … not sure about this when reading his Facebook page …I think I will invite him to come in Bangkok for some days, and will serve as a guide for this country boy who seems to be more interested in shopping than in late night gay venues.  Sorry no picture allowed for now.

(as usual, except mentioned otherwise, the boy above is not an acquaintance of mine and his picture is here for your viewing pleasure only)