02 November 2007

Dek wang

I had gone there many years ago but was not impressed ... then there were some threads on the thai and farang messageboards and even some first-hand reports ... and finally I took the chance to go there myself. If it would be exagerated to say my life has changed, at least it is as if I had discovered a further reason to go to Thailand ... the street hustlers in the Saranrom area  in Bangkok.

I went there on Tuesday night at about 22.30 pm ; going out of the infamous Super A in Silom (where I had an almost platonic talk - only some dirty touching but no kiss and nothing else - with a shy guy from Udon Thani), I was excited enough to hire a taxi who understood very quickly what I was looking for ... and there we went.

From the Defence Ministry to Saranrom park, they were 30 or 40 rent-boys standing alone or in small groups. And most important, as Gaybutton wrote once, all "good-looking, VERY good-looking" ... and no one of the lady-boy kind that clutters the bars and streets in Pattaya.

After two or three trips around the magical rectangle, I chose a short-haired boy who happened to be able to come with me to my hotel (the boys there generally prefer short-time meetings), so we had time to chat along the way and in the room. He is still a student (Mor Sam if you want to know but I guess he has repeated one or two years), and goes very often to sell himself as his parents do not support him any more. So you will understand that the age limit there, if higher than in Sunee Plaza, seems to be lower than elsewhere... and this does not seem to be a problem to the thai customers (when they relate their experiences on the boards, they quite unshamefully write that their boy was a 17 years old or less).

This guy being so exciting with his manly attitude (although being gay, so he told me), I had a good time with him ; sorry he did not want me to take a picture so you will not see him (above picture is of another boy on the net).

I went back yesterday (Thursday) ; less boys, as I went earlier but still a lot of good-looking lads ; among them a wonderful student-looking guy with the typical hair cut (very short behind the head and longer above). When I asked him the price, he answered : "muan doem ngai !" ("same before" in thainglish)... him he was again, I had not recognized him with the new haircut he had to do because he had entered the school for the second term. But I had identified this guy once again as being exactly my type.

He could do only short-time because he had to go to school this morning ... and so I could discover the (in)famous short-time hotels I had read about in more than a few messages on the thai boards. He brought me to the Rose Inn on the Thonburi side, which has dozens of short-time rooms with car parking in front of each room and a curtain hiding them - the thai call them rongraem maan root (hotel with sliding curtains) - 290 THB for three hours. The atmosphere was so sleazy and he was so exciting that I had another good time with him.

This should not prevent the readers to be aware of the risks of messing with these guys ... some are probably bad boys and you have to remember you have no protection at all ... some are underage and this is illegal in this country (like so many other things you involve into both here and in your own country) ... and it is still better to speak enough thai to be understood by the taxi driver first and then by the boy, as any misunderstanding could turn into something very nasty ...

For further information :
- dek wang means the boys of the wang (Saranrom) area
- the going rate for short time is 500 THB, 1500 THB for the whole night


Anonymous said...

Were you in this area long enough to notice whether it is common to take taxis to this cruising spot? I would think it would be extremely difficult to convince a driver to do this for you -- and then to convince someone to jump in the back seat with you.

LLZ said...

I did not notice if there were any other taxis .. as I was to busy
looking at the boys. Anyway it seems to be a common practice from what
I read here and there and the taxi drivers did not mind at all
especially after I gave them 30 or 40 bahts more than the price shown
on the meter.

In fact I asked them first to go to the Defence Ministry (Krasouang
Kalahom) and once there I asked them to make one or two round trips
around what I call the "magic rectangle".

Speaking a little thai and knowing the area helps a lot, I should give
some more detailed information in a next entry.