25 November 2007

Love of Siam

My must-do list included seeing the Phuan gay movie ... but it had already disappeared from the screens when I arrived in Thailand. Looking at the advertising in the BTS, I quickly noticed the promising trailer of a new movie, only to discover that it would be launched on November 22 th, so more than one week after my return to Boringland...

This new movie is called "Love of Siam" ("Rak haeng sayam") and seems to get great reviews by those who have seen it. Love of Siam refers to Siam Square, a popular teenage hangout in Bangkok. It’s there that Tong, a popular and handsome boy, meets his childhood friend Music again. Tong’s affections wander from his girlfriend, to his boyfriend Music.

Love of Siam
See review at http://blog.nationmultimedia.com/wisekwai/2007/11/22/entry-3

The movie is presently to be seen all over Thailand, so do not write it on you must-do list, but go and see it ... an you will tell me about it OK ?

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Anonymous said...

I am working on a blog dedicated to this wonderful film.