26 November 2007

Making up with my boyfriend

I generally spend the last ten days of my stay in Thailand in Pattaya ... relaxing, tanning, stocking up on impressions, images and feelings before the never-ending bad season at home.

So I came in Pattaya on November the 3rd to stay for ten nights and then going back to Bangkok for the last night before flying back home (or being executed, the feeling is about the same). No need to say that I lived these ten days to full capacity .. I read a thread in which someone explained his daily routine in Pattaya, I would not even dare to use such a word about my time here !

During the first five days, I spent most of my time alone or with the lao boy I already wrote about ... a fresh and genuine boy, an easy-going lad with whom you feel immediately good. And a smile which lights his face up about every minute or so ... Listening to him telling about his life in Laos was fascinating .. the life of a child living in a very small village in the middle of the jungle, his father killed by the Hmong rebels when he was still two years old, his mother killed by I do not know which insect in the forest ... perhaps true, and certainly very different from your ordinary thai boy.

Sunee Plaza during daytime
Sunee Plaza during daytime

I "offed" some other boys too, all from Sunee bars and all above legal limit if you want to know. One of them was a guy from Roi Et ... nice guy, good sex ... he came back to the hotel on the following afternoon and we had some romantic time near the swimming pool at dusk ... This could have been the beginning of a nice story until he asked me money for his time : 1000 THB for no sex and no invitation from me ... I gave him 500 THB as he did not seem to want to go back to his bar, and I did not see him again despite his numerous phone calls begging for more ... is this the new isaan generation ?

Nevertheless I have to say that the "highlight" of my stay was getting together with Tam again ... his friends in Pattaya had of course told him I was in town and he wanted to see my face again ... no objection from me, and so we met in front of my hotel on the 8 th ... I will never forget his broad smile when he turned round to me, the same cheerful face as when I met him four years ago in Threezone Bar. He staid in Pattaya for the five remaining days, which did not prevent me from offing one or two boys and having another nice massage in Royal House. I brought him to X-Ray with one of the boys I wanted to sleep with, and he was the most delightful companion he could be. We also spent more time together at the beach where everyone had asked about him.

I know now that I love him much more than I was thinking, but very differently from before : less time together, less sex than before, but a very strong friendship and the impression that you are close to someone who is very important in your life.

Tam is still at home with his mother ... he told me he has no boyfriend or girlfriend but "some girls like me very much" ... which I would translate as "I know a girl with which I will perhaps marry". He is now a farmer in his village, and I do not know if I should be sorry for not having been able to change his life ... If we had not met, perhaps he would be now an under-paid worker in some factory in Lamphun like most of his friends ... or perhaps he would have staid longer in Pattaya and met a much richer farang who would have fully supported him ...

Tam is now happy and free, he has a home and soon a wife and children, and he knows there is someone who still misses him. And I know I have got back my freedom without losing the boy I love.

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