11 June 2011

Life starts again

Yes life has just started again. I have been in Thailand since 24 hours and it is as if I had never left. My hotel has the same outdated charm as ever and the boys seem to be cuter every year ... don't tell me about being bored, I will be if Thailand turn into a new Singapore, and I hope it will never happen.

The flight with Swiss was a delight as I was lucky enough to have two seats for myself (some empty seats on the flight, which I have rarely seen before). And at the airport, I had just showed up when an immigration booth just opened in front of me .. good things can happen for me too.

As I had just left from work to go to the airport (with only two hours to have a meal, a shower, and finish packing my bags), no wonder I was quite tired for my first night in Bangkok. So I immediately went where I had dreamed to go : have a massage in Silom. In fact I wanted badly to try the new place below Super A and God I was not disappointed ; the staff is made only of gorgeous boys, and you would need more time than I have to try them all. I chose a young man from Bangkok who began with an almost serious massage, but the situation quickly changed as I felt his cock more and more close to my skin until he put it just in my willing hand. What could I do ? He had the face of an idol, he did not mind French kissing and he was the perfect introduction to three weeks in Thailand.

After this I went to Dick's Cafe just to see more cute faces in the massage places around and to tatse my fist Chang Classic since such a long time. Back to Saphan Kwai then with a short stay in Street Boy where I could not see many street boys that I like so much. And then I went to Be High which had about six very macho boys, including a young lad just arrived from isaan but with too many tatoos on his skin. I had a long chat with a young man from the north and he was very happy to tell me about his life which began in the Shan State in Burma.

To-day will be another day to get used to my new life in the three forthcoming weeks. Tam will come visit me during his weekly free day along with Phi Khor from Threezone Bar and it should be a nice evening. And to-morrow back to scouring the country for new places and new boys : I am booked on a flight to Hat Yai where I should stay for one or two nights.

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naklua said...

Glad to hear that you are back in LOS. I would very much like to learn more about the massage shop below Super A. When I was in BKK a few months ago, I walked by and had a short chat with the captain(?). This guy hesitated a little when I asked him about taking a boy back to the room, but I was not entirely sure why. It was maybe about most of them having no ID cards. Maybe they (or some of them) are not Thai and thus bringing them to a Hotel room might spell trouble for them and the shop. Nevertheless I was impressed by the eye-candy...