14 June 2011

Possibly best gay bar in Thailand

I came into Phuket being a little bit worried about the scene there in the middle of the low season, and my first steps into Paradise Complex seemed to confirm this : few people and few boys in the open-air bars.

So I am delighted to tell that after a first evening, things are much better than expected. First there are a lot of gay places now, open-air bars, massage places and gogo bars. The boys are there and if they are probably in fewer numbers than in the winter, they still outnumber the customers.

I began the evening with a massage in Spartacus Bar, where they had many boys on the premises ; one of them was so insistent on providing a massage, and so good at selling his services, that I could not resist. The place is not really designed as a massage place with very little privacy in the rooms, but that could be more exciting for some …

I made a quick visit to Tangmo Bar where I had memories of a place filled with nice boys … it seems to have changed for the worst, but this was perhaps only one bad evening, or perhaps there was not anyone meeting my requirements.

I left then for a small place which has opened probably not a very long time ago ; one row for the customers on the length of the bar, facing the scene where the boys were dancing in two shifts. The place is called “Yes !’ Bar and is located on the main way to Paradise Hotels (which is now the way out). The first impression was great with probably one of the best mix of boys for everyone’s taste, two funny captains, and a boy which I thought was the usual underage boy hanging out in street clothes ; he told me he was in fact the mamasan and that he was 20 years old – which I still not really believe. No pressure from him, no boring words, a very cute face – I would vote him without any hesitation as the cutest and nicest mamasan in Thailand.

Yes ! fantastic gay bar in Phuket
Yes Bar! in Phuket
The better came with the show : not a cabaret show like those you usually find in the Phuket bars, not a sex show with the usual tricks, but and absolute success. The actors were some of their own gogoboys, and when you find that the one you had fancied will be part of the show, this is a first good news. When you then see that all acts are perfectly laid out, totally innovative, with good looking boys, a communicative atmosphere, you think you have had a good evening. They have made the traditional candle show a feast for the eye, and if only one boy could be seen in the nude (and not in the in-your-face way), the whole performance was an hymn to the young male beauty.

When you think of all the shows you have already seen in Thailand (be it in Adam’s Apple in Chiang Mai or of course the Soi Twilight ones), you can only conclude that you have never been fascinated by any show like this before. The conclusion is simple : nice mamasan + great looking boys for everyone’s taste + innovative and wonderfully performed show ; this bar has to be one of the best (or possibly the best) in Thailand now. As my Michelin guide says : “vaut le detour”.


Anonymous said...

As always your blog is making me think about my next visit to Thailand. Phuket is back on my list for another try and Hat Yai sounds interesting. It is good that you can get away from BKK and Pattaya and explore the rest of wonderful Thailand. Thanks for your reports - Aussie

Frischmix said...

My vacation over. Back at Wednesday - now Sunday and i miss Thailand a lot.
But feeling a little sad i just like to read your adventures and dream from my next trip.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you re Yes ! I have been there several times: great staff, great boys great show. Erotic without being in your face. Far better than Dream Boy Bangkok which has become a bit 'sleezy' and very expebsive. Go Yes! Yes! Yes!