27 October 2006

Together again !

I have been in Thailand for one week and at last I could meet with Tam this morning. He came from home at about 6 am and the sight he offered was not particularly good as he still suffers from the accident. He cannot walk for a too long time and climbing to Pu Chi Fah will be for next time I guess ...

I am happy to be with him again but in the same time I liked the time I was alone. It looked like going back three years ago, hopping from bar to bar and from one boy to another. Especially in Pattaya I never had seen so many cute boys since many years and I could get my part of it. 

Nice isaan boy
Nice Udon Thani boy
Tam would kill me if he knew I offed a boy twice, it was a (barely legal, as they say in the porn ads) boy from one Sunee Plaza beer bar (Esan Boys Bar) which is known for having quite young lads - in fact my boyfriend of the night was probably the oldest in the gang - and the cutest and friendliest too... I had already met this boy from isaan last time, he came back from his house as soon as he knew I was in town (probably true) and said he loved only me (probably false) and would probably return to Udon after I leave - in fact he is 18 and seems to hesitate a lot about his future : stay in Pattaya with all its dangers and opportunities, or go back to a more normal life at home or in Bangkok. It is not my right to give him any advice but I know he is very cute and could probably find one or more sugar daddies if he stays in Sunee ... As for me, I could take him as a geek and he knows it and does not sem to mind.

To-morrow we will go with Tam to Phitsanuloke where I have booked a car that we will drive to his home and then to Chiang Rai. See you ...

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