01 October 2006

Trip planning

Planning the next trip is generally the best part of it, some say ... This is what I usually do as soon as I am sitting in the plane bringing me back to Farangland.

The program is almost set up now and should be not too exhausting ; many days in Bangkok and Pattaya and only a one week side trip to the north.

Phu Chi Fah
Phu Chi Fah
One night in Phitsanulok is already booked and paid, as well as another night in Chiang Rai five days later and the return flight to BKK on November 2sd. What we will do in this 5 days period will depend on the weather but we will probably rent a car, go to Tam's place in Phrae province for one or two days (and visit the house he is currently building for him and his mother). Tam also agreed on my suggestion to climb to Phu Chi Fa which is a mountain on the thai-lao border in Chiang Rai province. Phu Chi Fa is a well-known place for thai tourists, but is never mentioned in any tourist guide for farangs although it seems to have great views and good accomodation.

When I said him that we will go to Chiang Rai, I could almost see Tam's face illuminating when he answered me : "OK, so we will go buy cheap CDs in Myanmar" ... he always regretted not to have bought more last time we went in Mae Sai (he was afraid the customs would check his bags ... which they did not).

Still 17 days and reading everything about what expects me in the new Suwanaphum airport ...