19 February 2018


Coming back from Udon Thani, my first plan was to stay alone in Bangkok for two days before heading towards Pattaya for my last eight or nine days. But I had not expected that my first date in Bangkok would be so hot, and I could not wait to meet him again. And so here I was again in Ekkamai BTS station at 6 pm, waiting for him like two weeks ago. He showed 45 minutes late but there is nothing boring looking at the world going by in a Bangkok station.

Let's call him Noo
Let's call him Noo, as this is the way I call him, and the way he calls himself when speaking to me. So Noo wanted to watch a film and I agreed as it seems that thai cinema owners have finally understood that too cold temperatures were both costly and useless. We ended at MBK which is one of the few cinemas I can exactly locate in Bangkok ... two movies in two weeks while I had not set a foot in a cinema since at least ten years, this boy has really special powers on me. He was then curious to visit a gogo bar and we went to one well-known place outside of Soi Twilight ; although he is only 18, he looks a little older so we could easily enter. He did not really like it but I guess he just wanted to check this kind of place as a possible way to make some money later. I will just say that the following night was really fantastic, I could not imagine it was possible to have such a good time with a boy after so many years in Thailand.

On the next day, Noo went back to his room and I could use this free time to deal with some important matters : buying a new phone, looking for information about the upcoming cycling Tour of Thailand, renewing my bank passbook and ... resting ! I could not even sample the bars in Saphan Khwai, but could see that Charmming Bar had definitely closed, and Staxx was also closed while next door Heaven karaoke seemed to be well-stocked with nice boys. U-Turn is still there but the former owner (who had opened the short-lived David Bar some years ago in Pattaya) was nowhere to be seen. Street Boy, Adam and Waterloo seemed to do well at least on Fridays and Saturdays. And Talent on Phahonyothin Soi 11 is still open and eager to welcome customers.

After these two busy days in Bangkok, it was time for me to go for my ritual stay In Pattaya. I had agreed with Noo that he could come to Pattaya for two nights, and he finally staid four nights, without having to insist a lot I must say. Between visits to his sister who lives there, trips to Jomtien and (shortly) to Koh Larn, and strolls to Central Festival, he seemed to like this stay with me. I liked it too, and not only for the great sex we had at the most unexpected times of the day. No pressure for buying expensive items, no request for money, this boy was really a gem, and he was of course duly rewarded when he finally went back to Bangkok after these four days.

I now just hope that he will not be too spoilt when I will meet him again ... and I will meet him, even if I have to go to his place in Buriram for this.

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Newalaan2 said...

Long time since I had visited your blog. Really enjoyed it. SGTvforum could do with some of your trip reporting about places that never get posts, like the places in Issan and Saphan Kwai.