15 June 2018

Spoilt but not hellish .. yet !

Better late than never, so I thought I could write about the end of my last stay in Thailand. I guess I did not before because I had rather mixed feelings about it : my usual ten days in Pattaya were great but too many little things did annoy me.

I can stand too much traffic, I can understand that there are too many tourists as I am not more than one of them. What is now harder to accept is the general degradation of the overall atmosphere, mainly because of the changes in the customer base. Noisy russians with no consideration to people around them, rowdy arabs or whatever speeding on their bikes with no respect for everyone, groups of tourists jostling their way on narrow pavements, these are more and more obvious little events that make a former paradise looking more and more like hell. Not that I have something against russians or chinese people, but have everything against lack of respect and impolite behaviour.

The worst happened when I was quietly sitting with Noo at Oh Aharn restaurant : suddenly an extended family of young french-speaking arabs came and sat near our table, and began to speak loudly. Sure one of them was a real cutie but what they spoke about sounded more like stories of trafficking and cheating, with the usual shoutings. We went to sit at a quieter table but once again a place that was an oasis seemed spoilt for ever (I know some will wrongly call me a racist but I could not care less).

I had finally four nights on my own in Pattaya : not a lot but no regrets about the ones I had spent before with Noo ! So I did not visit many places and even had to struggle to find a massage boy to my taste ! I took some time to chat with boys both in Jomtien and in Nice Boys, but could not take the latter as I had already a "full" massage just before ... As for eating, I especially liked the isaan restaurant near the eastern entrance to Jomtien Complex ; I had many meals too at Salt and Pepper in Day&Night where eating alone did not make me feel uncomfortable.

Angel boy in Pattaya paradise
I had a date with a Facebook boy in Pattaya, and like the ones in Satuk and Kalasin, it was great. He was the 7/11 boy I had shortly written about before, and who confirmed he was OK to meet me. He only wanted to be sure that I would give him some money for his time ... The meeting place was in Pattaya Nua, which gave me the opportunity to see the future Terminal 21 mall ... huge ! Saek was much shier than he looked on the pictures, and also very protective of this senior citizen ... we went for a meal in Center Festival as he was hungry, and probably wanted to assess this farang. He did not disappoint in the room, both in attitude and equipment, and of course was still better looking than in the pictures. As he was OK to his picture being displayed on my blog (not that he seemed to know clearly what a "blog" is before I explained it), I happily oblige : this Udon Thani boy is - at least for me - a real stunner.

Back to Bangkok, flight back home, everyday life (not so bad when you do not work any more) and still thinking of the boys who make this place a ... paradise !


Anonymous said...

Wow I just got back from Pattaya 2 weeks ago and I could have written the same as you word for word.

Anonymous said...

I would love to meet the 7-11 boy from facebook...