09 February 2018

Isaan trip

Handsome young thai boy in Isaan
Dark-skinned boy in Surin
Leaving Bangkok and arriving in the heart of isan is always a shock, especially when the destination is the Buriram airport, which has been built in the middle of nowhere 20 km north of the town.

I had planned to spend my first night in Isaan in the Surin town where I had never gone. But a 19 y/o boy that I had contacted on a Gay Surin Facebook group was in fact working in Satuk, Buriram province, just where the Buriram airport is located. So rather than spending seven hours on a bus (there is no flight to Surin), I had thought it would be a good idea to fly and see him directly in his place. What I had not forecast was the change of schedule by Nok Air which made me arrive at 17.00 in Satuk, so that the whole day was anyway wasted.

This boy had seduced me not so much by his money problems (debts, low wage, broken phone, you guess it), but by his good looks and easy-going attitude. Dark-skinned like everyone in this part of Isaan, he was as usual cuter in the flesh than on the pictures. He was woking part-time in the local Tesco-Lotus and badly needed money as he had no-one of the (few) benefits that regular workers may enjoy.

Unfortunately he was not in a good shape : cold temperature had taken its toll on him and he clearly had caught a cold. We had a meal on the bank of the river and then he went to bed with me, where things were quickly done, in a good enough way when compared to professionals... Tip rather high but I guess there are probably not many chances to sell this kind of services in these small towns.

He left for his work at 7 in the morning, and I could go on with my isan trip. Traveling here is quite easy as main towns are connected by frequent van services. My second stop was in Surin, where I had no appointment and spent my time walking the streets and enjoying the swimming pool. My hotel was the excellent Thong Tharin, right in the middle of the local nightlife ; fun here is 100 % lady-oriented, but I understand there is an all male massage shop in the eastern outskirts of town. Romeo did not provide anything and anyway I already had my fix of Surin boys

I had a nice impression of my two next stops which were in Si Saket and Amnat Charoen, both low-profile towns with a lively and friendly atmosphere. Amnat Charoen is basically a crossroad but the central place hosts a nice night market where all the local talents gather providing unlimited eye candy. No appointment there as well, I preferred to enjoy the atmosphere on my own.

Now in Yasothon which some label as the most boring town in Isaan – and they are probably right : no department store in town, no decent night market, large streets lined by shops selling car batteries and motorbikes, and I had foolishly planned two days here ! By chance there is a very quiet internet shop near my hotel (RP City, big and clean rooms for 500 THB) and that is enough to keep me busy for some hours after having visited the Big Toad park which is the tacky symbol of the town (five floors and a nice viewpoint from inside the mouth).

Next two days will be busier with a young man available for everything in Kalasin and then my horny student in Udon Thani.

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