29 October 2004

Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai

Chiang Rai is definitely a place to add in the gay places list in Thailand. There are only two gay bars in town, very close to each other and with the same format : one guy is dancing in his briefs for about 10 minutes and then another. Most guys are local guys and all complain about the lack of customers so guys if you happen to go in the North please go patronize the local gay places - both are located close to Wang Come Hotel.

Tam gave some advice to one of the boys in Regency Bar, and almost convinced him to go to Pattaya in one of the Sunee Plaza beer bars .. wonder if the boy will follow his advice ... Tam promised to introduce him to the owner of his bar and the boy should phone us on November 3rd so that we go there together from Bangkok.
These Northern boys are really not only cute but also seem to have a better attitude than some of the isaan boys that most of us (including me) cherish so much.

Yesterday we came back from Chiang Rai along a nice road in the mountains. After getting a room in Porn Ping Tower Hotel, we went to San Kampeng hot springs where you can hire a bungalow for one hour and bathe in the hot water. So bad we hired two bungalows, it would have been really "hot" to bathe in the same bath (although the tubs are quite small).

In the evening we went to Adam's Apple to look at the show. Very imaginative and daring as it has always been ...difficult to think that the place has just reopened from a one-month closure ...

To-day was rest time after bringing the car back to North Wheels ... a good adress if you have to rent a car in Chiang Mai.

To-night ? I don't know except that I am really in love with Tam and this keeps on surprising me because I thought I was only a butterfly and I could not get on with a boy for more than two or three weeks ...

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