10 November 2008

Beach seller

After two weeks with a lot of daily packing and unpacking, I was happy to arrive in Pattaya for an eleven-day stay in my favourite hotel. With a nice roof pool, an attentive and never intrusive staff, and far from the gay ghettos, this is a place that I like to call "home away from home". Despite a never ending bad weather, the first half of my stay has been as pleasant as it could be, with the typical schedule being lazy afternoons at Jomtien, and roaming the Sunee Plaza bars in the evening.

Beach boys on Jomtien gay beach, Pattaya
Beach boys on Jomtien gay beach
If I did not mingle much with the Jomtien beach assistants this time, I had a special relation with one of the sellers – whom I cannot give too many details about, as he is still working there. Talking a lot with him, I could discover how hard the life of these guys can be – at least for those who do not want to accept the proposals that they invariably get from many farangs.

This one was a good-looking 18 y/o from Isan, not gay at all and very shy – except for selling his stuff where he showed genuine talent despite his limited English. He had left school at age 11 mostly because his mother abandoned the family and he had to take care of an ill father. He worked at home, then staid some years in Bangkok as a construction worker, and finally came to Pattaya as an occasionnal seller.

He told me his "boss" gave him 30 % of what he could sell, but not a lot of farangs were buyers, so the income was not high. What struck me was his incredible willpower to face all the problems he had, and his invariably good-humoured nature despite a not so bright future. Refusing any extra money above the agreed price and uneasy like a child when I offered him a mobile phone to replace the broken one he had, it was obvious that he was not a liar but a good boy.

Cute beach seller in Jomtien gay beach
Shy (and cute) beach seller
He moonlighted as a masseur too and took care of me with much more strength than many others on the beach. On the following day, unable to stand it any longer, I asked him if he could give me another massage, but this time I would need a special one. After some hesitation, he told me that he had gone only once to a farang's place (he feared being raped ...) and only for an ordinary massage.

However he finally accepted to go and I have to say that I was very happy to give him the tip he had asked for – I will never forget the time when he took his briefs off and his virility at first very discreet quickly developped into a long and slim pole that I had the pleasure to bring to climax. This is when he told me he had never jacked off before, and only had wet dreams – will I ever know wether this was true or not ?

Other discoveries of this first week were the Jomtien night venues that are easy to forget when you live in Pattaya. A special mention goes to Rockhard Boys where the guys are really cute and the atmosphere very hot.

Another usual haunt was an old favourite of mine, the Threezone Beer Bar in Sunee Plaza, the place where I met Tam five years ago. After a long "lady-boy only" period, they now welcome freelancers again and they have some real cuties coming on a more or less regular basis. Besides this, the thai owner is a very nice guy, and he has completely redone the place ; what has not changed is the unobstructed view over the entry to Villa Rouge and the soi life, which leads to carefree and relaxing unforgettable times.

A promising excursion to Kor Larn which turned quickly to a nightmare because of pouring rain (but these wet half-naked russian boys are so hot!), and more than one disappointment from visiting some Boyztown bars : these were the other events of this first week. To-night Tam will join me for the rest of my stay and this prospect makes me surprisingly happy despite what it means as regards my cherished freedom ..... I guess that I love him more than I thought …

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