06 November 2008

Halftime in Bangkok

Coming back from Isaan, I decided not to go to Pattaya immediately, but rather stay three more days in Bangkok.

Shy owner fled the scene, sorry
I can swear the coffee boy from Saphan Khwai was not the reason for this difficult decision, as I quickly understood that he was not available ; a very shy guy too as he chose to flee the scene when I asked him if I could take a picture of his shop. So you will have to go to Pradiphat Road if you want to see him (Sunday closed). Avoid Mondays because it seems it is his girlfriend's free day.

I finally went back to the Flower Shower Gogo Bar (or is it the Taurus Bar ?) in Silom Soi 6 (between Golden Cock and Nature Boy) as I could not help thinking of Art, the dark-skinned boy I had chatted with on my first day. He was still there, and this time I "offed" him to my room and he accepted – after much pressure from me - to stay for the night. Was it because of his dark skin ? Or his wild looks ? This guy turned me on big scale, and each time I touched his skin, I felt horny like with very few boys before ; a matter of chemistry I guess as he his not outstandingly cute. He also proposed me to go to the internet cafe and find boys on-line and invite them for a sex party in my room … which I declined for obvious security reasons. Unfortunately this boy was also a heavy (ciggies) smoker and had the typical barboy biorythm : looking at TV for the whole night and going to sleep at dawn, so I was almost relieved to see him go back home at 6 in the morning.

Not wishing to spend another day in Bangkok, I then chose to take one day off in Hua Hin. Using one of the numerous rot too leaving from Victory Monument saves the long trip to the Southern Bus Station, so I arrived in the sea resort at 1 in the afternoon, leaving plenty of time for shopping and for a short walk to the beach. My hotel was the PP Villa Resort which doesn't advertise on the net but proposes a perfect location (300 m to the beach and should be the centre of gravity of all the local gay places), big and quiet rooms and a sunny pool for a very decent price (1200 THB high season).

The main reason for my short trip to Hua Hin was seeing again the Nong Khai boys in Faq Thong Massage Place. And the good news was that the three of last July were still there, with a fourth one having joined meanwhile. I chose two of them, the one I had chosen in July and another one, very short and very tanned and who will prove a tireless mouth-kisser. As always when you take two boys from the same place, the performance was tempered by a lot of shyness, but they were so hot that I did not regret my choice.

I paid a short visit to the other places in Hua Hin : Red indian had more boys than last time including some isaan delights, Guys Bar was less exciting than in July, and I finally could locate the Candlelight Bar that I had vainly looked for last July (and it was worth it despite the very few boys in this bar)

Although the beach, with its dead fishes, sandflies and horse dung, didn't appeal to me, I could really have staid longer in Hua Hin without feeling in the least bored. I guess I should consider staying longer there in the future : Hua Hin is definitely not a BYOB (Bring Your Own Boy) place any more. However I went back to Bangkok, without stopping in the famous gay resorts in Potharam ; I would have taken some pride to have been the first one to write a review on the boards, but time is really too short when you are on holiday.

My last visit in Bangkok was another taxi trip to Sanam Luang (Saranrom area). Despite the Royal Cremation events, it was business as usual along the streets including near the entry to Tha Tian pier ; however I went back home alone. I wanted to be on top form for my stay in Pattaya.


Anonymous said...

Hi, you might remember that I am a great fan of the Faq Thong Massage in Hua Hin too. Did one of the Nong Khai boys happen to be called Ton? Redish hair? He is my absolute favourite. Can give good massages and many more delights. Tom

LLZ said...

Hello I went with Khop and Tai but I guess that your friend was still there - rather long tinted hair with a very nice face. Probably the only gay one in the bunch ?

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the others. But he is definately gay. Great place to be.

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