15 November 2008

Rays of sunshine

Tam arrived on the 10th although we had first agreed to meet for Loy Krathong on the 12th … but the busses from Phrae were full because of the Royal Cremation, so he had to come earlier. As soon as I saw him, I was sure that I loved him more than any one, more than the beach seller or than the Threezone freelancer. He was tanned from the works in the fields, he was smiling like always and he had the same radiant attitude which made me fall in love five years ago.

Being rather more educated than your average thai friend, Tam is open to everything and he really loves eating foreign food … he enjoyed the meal I had planned for our reunion in a good French restaurant (Freelax, Third Road behind Buffalo Bar). Be sure the red wine had the place of honour including for this thai country boy. We then went to Threezone where he is as popular as ever, and he did not mind going to Butterfly karaoke with other boys including the freelancer I had "offed" more than once already … what a change from his former obsessive jealousy.

Buddha image near PattayaWe staid together on the second day too and went visiting some gay bars in Boyztown ; we enjoyed the Wild West Boys show as well as the boys : for now this place is by far the nicest among the bars I visited in the area, be it for the atmosphere, the service and did I mention the boys ?

The third day was Loi Krathong day … a day that I have always enjoyed to the deepest when in Bangkok but that has yet to impress me when celebrated in Pattaya. The atmosphere in Jomtien was the same as in a commercial fair, there was little to be felt of the incredible beauty of this tradition that you meet in less touristy places. A lot of pictures were taken but I swore Tam his picture would not appear on this blog …

There was then another visit to the beach chairs, with a nice weather for the fourth day in a row … my boyfriend had brought the sunshine with him and he made no bones about reminding me of this. The beach seller gave a massage to both of us and we then had a nice meal in my favorite open air eatery (Nong Jai, along Pattaya 2nd near Mike Shopping Mall, some nice male staff too). I could not help thinking while eating that I was there sitting at the same table with the two boys I liked the most in the world. Like a caring older brother, Tam brought then the beach seller back home on the motorbike we had rent, as the boy was living very far away in the Naklua area. I had not asked anything to him and it was impressing to see Tam taking care of this young guy which he could as well have considered as a possible rival. This day was the last one before the three mourning days, so I wanted to visit some more bars in Sunee while Tam went seeing some movie in Big C. In fact I went to Le Gun Bar where the cutest boy by far was one of the waiters just arrived from Khorat.

Gorgeous male waiter in Bang Sare seafood restaurant
What can I do for you ? (gorgeous waiter in Bang Sare seafood restaurant)

The last two days in Pattaya took place in a very special atmosphere because of most gay bars being closed and most boys being off-duty ; we went in the countryside out of Pattaya, and I particularly liked the Buddha Image in the Mountain, where two busloads of school students from Nakhon Pathom were also visiting. We had another meal in Bang Sare (Rim Nam Restaurant, first one when coming from the Bang Sare beach (so with Jomtien in your back). Quiet atmosphere, great seafood and view over the sea and Jomtien : despite a very strong wind, it was another enjoyable time with my lover. The cute male staff (see above) was an unexpected bonus....

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