17 November 2013

Changing, but same-same

I liked my ten days in Pattaya, not more than usually but not less. My boyfriend staid with me everyday but this was not a burden : it seemed I have met again the smiling boy I saw for the first time ten years ago, with the added bonus that he has now fully acknowledged the fact that I had to be alone and free for some evenings.

Apart from the above lao boy, I did not take advantage of this freedom, and we spent most of the evenings together, first in a good restaurant and then either looking for the never disappointing show in The Venue, or sipping some gin tonic in Sky Bar, facing the now forgotten Threezone Bar where we met on the first time. To tell the truth, I liked to be there too because this place offers unobstructed views over the almost opposite Good Boys Beer Bar, allowing me to inspect the boys for a possible visit (which did not come).

Hat Sai Kaew beach near Pattaya
Escapade to Hat Sai Kaew (thanks GB for the tip)
I also had enough time to visit most of the gogobars in Sunee Plaza and Boyztown ; for the first time I found that the latter won hands down regarding the quality of boys on display. I liked the staff in X-Boys Land, but hated the mamasan who came begging me to invite a boy as "they have nothing to eat, no customer, never seen that in Pattaya" and so on. Most inappropriate as I was with my boyfriend. And still more uncalled for when I knew that they asked an outrageous 260 THB for a drink.

In Sunee plaza, I went to Eros Boys Bar just to see how a sleazy bar looks like (there are not a lot remaining these days …) and once again was ensnared by one of the waiters, whose invitation to go in a side room I could not resist – just like last year. I visited every gogo bar and some beer bars, but was mostly disappointed by what I saw ... low season I guess ... 

As for the massage places, it came as a surprise that that the "traditional" gay shops like Blue House had very few staff on duty, when other places in the Tuk.com area were brimmed with beautiful young men (and girls for some). On one night I passed in front of Apple Massage – facing Bordeaux Restaurant – very late at night and a handsome lad called me. I obliged but another boy told him that it was not his turn ; despite this, I think I could have taken the first one but in order to avoid an incident, I chose both. Not a big deal at 200 THB for one session (plus tips), and as the place was void of other customers, there was no restraint in the action – except they did not take out their clothes. I took him alone some days later, again in an empty room, and this time he stripped immediately and went directly to the deed. These places would be a huge hit with more private rooms, and if the customer was sure that he could choose his partner without it turning into a tragedy.

Young seller having a rest in Jomtien at Jomtien gay beach
Beach seller taking a break in Jomtien (not the one I tell about)

But we come to Pattaya for the beaches (and the temples), right ? I found myself completely comfortable with the atmosphere in Jomtien, in one of the smallest and quietest concessions far from the hustle of the red/orange/yellow chairs. I did not even have to complain about the Russians which I found much more polite and respectful than some depict them. Not a lot of Thai boys for sure but still some sellers which would have more success selling their ass than what they offer - sorry to tell it downright so, although most of these guys have probably got it since long.

I had the chance to meet again Phat, who was a very shy rookie when I first met him five years ago (see below : "beach seller", October 2008) ; just coming back from two years in the army, he has now turned into a wonderful young man. I only noticed that he would not mind at all a massage session in my room .. what a change since 2008 when it was so difficult to convince him to come and still more difficult to make him strip off … 

So much for this 2013 trip, the last one during my working days ... Next year will be another life, but I still do not know what it will look like.

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