07 November 2013

Lao boy

Apart from the three days of debauchery with the boy from Khorat, I had mostly very quiet days in Bangkok. Even without indulging in visiting bars and other immoral places, I feel that I am never bored walking along the streets or in the commercial centers – ubiquitous eye-candy being part of the equation.

I paid some visits to the bars in Saphan Kwai, only to see that the quantity of boys has decreased dramatically. Although I do not like peeping into a bar without having a drink, I had a look into Be High (only gogo bar in the area) and did not enter as only one boy seemed on duty on that evening. In the karaoke bars, the boys do not seem interested if you are alone and some even stay outside : the trick would be to make eye-contact before entering, so that the boy follows you hoping for an invitation and more. One of the karaoke places in Saphan Kwai (Waterloo) is said to have been converted to a massage place although it was the best kept bar in the area.

I also went to Silom area to Dicks Café for some meals and sightseeing, and also to the former Super A Bar where no boy was to my taste. Besides the Soi Twilight Gogo bars which I now avoid, I also found some absolute stunners in Scorpion Bar - the vietnamese boys I guess - but did not stay long as I was not in the mood to take someone on that evening. As for the massage places, I tried Marso but could not choose the boy and left for the neighbouring X-Boys Massage. There, I had a pleasant time with a tall young man from Nakhon Sawan that I had noticed opposite when seating in Dick’s Café ...

Aun , lao boy in Bangkok and Pattaya

Finally the only boy I had closer contact with was one I called in Staxx Karaoke in Saphan Kwai. Please note that the place has been completely refurbished and is now very welcoming including for farangs. I quickly called Aun for a drink, a boy from the Vientiane area in Laos speaking and writing perfectly thai. We chatted mostly about Pattaya, as he wanted to try to go there, so that he could meet more people. I could not take him to my place but finally met him some days later in Pattaya where he had been hired by Kawaii Boys. We had some fun in a nearby short-time room where he was very keen and affectionate, and I also went with him to Jomtien where his perfect body and his rose underwear revealing an interesting bulge fooled more than one.

Aun will not be my next boyfriend and he knows it ; he even wished me good luck with my boyfriend, which proves either a good education or a very commercial attitude .. A nice boy to stay with, and for a longer time than in a short-time room.

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