14 November 2009

Randy devil

The best boy I had this time was not found in the bars : I finally could get in touch with one of the Gayromeo lads I had contacted before my trip.

His messages had been very straightforward and exciting : "can do everything", "I send you picture of my dick" and the like … not very romantic but we sometimes need to speak clearly, don't we ?

He gave me his phone number and we had an appointment in front of the movie rooms in Centre Festival (so very close to my hotel). Missed meeting as he failed to turn up, which did not came as a big surprise.

I called him back and we finally met in front of Tuk.com : he was only 40 minutes late … Small guy; seeming to be in a hurry … and curiously he spoke mostly english while our messages were all in thai. We hopped on a songthaew to my hotel and this was the big feast … a very passionate guy, who makes you understand what a sex worker really should be : kissing, fucking and being fucked, giving you the illusion he is really enjoying himself. It seemed everything could have been possible with this little sex bomb … exactly the kind of guy you would take for some hot group session.

gayromeo boy
From my computer screen ...

His age was officially 18 but I still wonder whether this was true … the ID Card had an almost invisible picture ("should replace it but no have time"). He had worked in Euro Boys before (where I have always found the boys to be quite experienced despite being on the youger side, special training perhaps ?), but I still wonder how one can be so skillful at having sex when being so young - or am I deluding myself about the young generation ?

Having seen this sex bomb on Gayromeo, I felt like having spent some time with a celebrity – and he did not refuse to have his pictures taken and sent on the net. He is often on line these times so you should find this little devil easily … don't expect too much preliminaries however, it's all about sex, and good sex. And beware the ID …

gayromeo boy
... to my bed

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