13 November 2009

Out and about in Pattaya

Beaches, pool and shopping .. there was of course a lot more than this during my nine days stay in Pattaya … and it was roaming the restaurants and the bars. The typical evening schedule being : a good meal with Tam, and then me heading to the bars with Tam spending time with his friends – some have not gone back home yet.

Tam is always eager to eat thai food – although he cannot stand too spicy food which always allows me to make fun of this poor thai boy who streams with sweat as soon as he swallows some hot stuff. Not like his fellow countrymen, he also likes farang food and I had reserved our first night in Pattaya for a very nice meal in the Petite Planete Restaurant in Days and Night … This is a good French restaurant established since about 15 years which tells a lot. The pumpkin soup was a little too sweet for him but what he liked most was the Cotes-de-Bourg red wine I had ordered and which both of us enjoyed…

The other place we went most often was an open-air restaurant close to my hotel ; this delightful place is located along Pattaya 2nd Road on Tipp Plaza, which located between Mike Shopping Mall and Center Festival. Not gay at all – we felt sometimes like being given some funny looks by other farang customers – but with both thai and farang food being regularly good and plentiful and a very good atmosphere epecially at night. Like most eateries in Pattaya, there is always one waiter or more who is especially cute and enticing and I was beginning to have a special relationship (smiles, frequent glances … ) with one of them when it was time to leave.

Nong Jai Restaurant, Tipp Plaza in Pattaya
Nong Jai Restaurant, Tipp Plaza in Pattaya

What about the bars ? I had visited some of them during my first trip so I tried to visit the other ones. All in all I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw especially in Boyztown area. I event took a boy there, which I had not done since a long time.

My favourite was by far Funny Boys, who had just got some new lads from isaan, and this is where I picked Golf, a very sweet boy just arrived from Nong Han in Udon Thani province … short time of course (sending Tam spend the night elsewhere being out of the question) but great time. Funny Boys had a wide selection of guys, some stunners, a nice noise level and the perfect timing for seeing the guys go on stage and dance without being bored by a too long shift.

Most of my time was of course spent in Sunee ; I "offed" a young guy from Villa Rouge Bar during the short time the bar was open as I had been completely enthralled by his face as he was sitting on the scene waiting for his turn to dance : 19 y/o from Nakhon Pathom, rather effeminate which is not really my style but he was soooo cute. And I went to most gogo bars there, except Look Boys which was open and had boys in front of it but no one inviting you to enter. Curiously enough I did not enter any other beer bar than Threezone – which had loads of nice freelance boys with new ones turning up almost every day.

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