05 November 2009

Impressions in Chiang Mai

Five days were not enough to taste all what Chiang Mai had to offer ... and first of all there was the absolute cuteness of most of the boys met everywhere - the bars being no exception. I staid in the former Novotel Hotel (now branded as Mercure Hotel) which has a location that cannot be beaten for those who want to be close to the main gay area. Besides this you will be in a mostly thai area with the usual markets and street restaurants - by the way the one facing the entrance to Sri Pattana Market across Chang Phuak Road is a good one.

My first visit was for the row of sleazy bars near Night Bazaar ... someone had written that they were doomed to disparition but from what I saw they are quite active with sometimes more customers than boys ... how many bars can tell this in Thailand now ? Sure the guys seemed to be on the younger side, and also not really thai as far as their ID is concerned ... But the main problem is one I had already faced two years ago : these guys do not seem eager to mingle with newcomers : they stick to the regulars - who are quite a fair number. So you will have to be extremely insistent - or be content with the free eye-candy (some here are real stunners).

Chang Phuak (white elephant) Monument
Chang Phuak (white elephant) Monument

Still better, go to the Chang Phuak bars where the gay life is, and you will have the choice with the new Power Boys (part of the new Lavender Hotel}, the recently reopened Adam's Apple or three older bars which are New My Way, Freeguys and Circle. However these bars are not within walking distance and rather difficult to find - especially the New My Way.

Frankly my preference went clearly for the New My Way and Freeguys : both have a 100 % male staff and I found many guys I could have liked to take, had I the opportunity to stay longer. Besides this, the shows are imaginative and with a lot of nudity although not really sex-oriented. The other places looked more ordinary for me although the show in Adam's Apple is on par with its neighbours.

If the boys here have the looks and the hormones, their skills or their will to please are more limited ; the both I "offed" (a small burmese guy in Freeguys and a 19 y/o thai yai cutie in New My Way) could not stay the whole night, and still more they refused any kind of French kiss ... They are obviously maen in all areas and they do not forget to boast about it.

Tam joined me for the Songkran Festival where a lot of farangs attended too ... and our reunion was duly clebrated with a fine meal near the Night Bazaar. Loy Krathong is absolutely wonderful in Chiang Mai with the lighted balloons everywhere in the sky, fireworks, joy and satisfaction in every eye, and of course the always touching ceremony of letting one's krathong float down the river. The only downside was the absolute lack of awareness by some thais, making the trip rather dangerous.

Back to Bangkok now for a short stay before the finals in Pattaya ; Tam will be with me from now so I guess I will have to be a good man ...


Shamelessmack said...

I found it interesting that you said the boys in Freeguys and New My Way were more to your taste than Circle Pub. I recall when I was there that the Circle Pub boys were slightly bigger/heavier than Freeguys and New May Way... is that still the case?

Or have things completely changed with some boys moving to Adam's Apple?

LLZ said...


I did not lead a scientific research so that were only impressions of one time - and in the case of Circle a very short time as I lefft rather quickly. So sure the Circle boys appeared bigger, older and less attractive than in the other two.

hs3mib said...