16 November 2009

Last day in Paradise

This evening will be the 21st time I will leave Thailand to go back home. I never can get used to go through what is a real ordeal - and this is like that since the very first time. And the thought of a long and tiring flight is another sad prospect.

The last two days were spent with Tam in Bangkok after our nine days in Pattaya : this allows us to sort out all sorts of things like last-minute shopping, laundry, and for Tam the mandatory visit to an aunt in Minburi. This also makes the transition to "normal life" easier. And I have to say that it makes me love Bangkok more, as it is the place where I will have the last good time before all the hassle waiting for me at home.

Yesterday, while Tam was in the sticks, I had a short trip to Silom where I have spent a lot of time during this stay. I wanted to see Soi Twilight for a last time – as if I wanted to be sure this place was not a dream. And I also wanted a last massage …

The Bangkok Massage boys had almost dragged me to their den but I decided to walk on to see what was available. The Bonny Boys were not up to my taste and there were not a lot of them outside so I went on to the Red Massage some meters further. Three or four guys were sitting waiting for customers, including a rather small one with a shy but beautiful face … I went upstairs and asked to see all the boys, and about seven or eight more lads sprang from nowhere .. a good bunch of guys of all styles, but I chose the one I had seen first.

He came from Cambodgia and was 19 y/o ; the message was rather curious : I had asked for an oil massage but he did not use any oil at first. He quickly managed to spend some more time insisting on my buttocks while I was still lying down, and he moved my arms in such a way that my hand was located exactly under his naked groin … I did not need any persuasion to do what I had to do and his cock quickly showed that he liked it. I was liking it too and we cuddled some more time before I came.

I was thinking that the sex had been good but the massage very brief, when he finally brought oil and another towel and made an ordinary but nice massage for exactly the time I had paid for. After some more cuddling – but once again no mouth-kissing - it was his turn to send a long spurt of his liquids inside my mouth.

I rewarded him accordingly and hurried back to Saphan Kwai where I was to meet Tam. After another meal in Rakhang Thong, we decided to go to Sanam Luang again … bad choice as the demonstration by the yellow shirts was just breaking up. Nevertheless the night market was in full swing, and there were even some boys along the streets, among many policemen and all the demonstrators looking for their bus. Tam told me he had come across injured people due to what he thought being a crash ; only this morning we heard that this was in fact a bomb attack.

We escaped the place for our last night together before long. And believe me or not, I am almost weeping my tears when writing this.

Night Market in Sanam Luang
Night Market in Sanam Luang

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