08 July 2007

Boys next-door

I am not too much into boys from magazines : too smooth, too white, too clean ... In the bars I always end up offing the boy-next-door type and am rarely disappointed. Here in Farangland, no boy like this in the streets but many on the thai forums... Here is another list of my favourites ...

catmagic, 18 y/o thai boy

He wants to be called "catmagic", 19 y/o, 168 cm and 50 kgs ... manliness at its best

Khim, 18 y/o thai boy

Khim, 18 y/o, 176 cm, 60 kg ; he would like to be pampered like a baby ... any candidate ?

Off, 23 y/o thai boy

Off, 23 y/o, 165 cm, 50 kg ... I am now trying to find out where he bought his pants.

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