09 March 2015

Little Cambodia

I discovered a new interest in Jomtian bars, but in fact I quickly limited my visits to only one of them : BC Bar, near Poseidon Hotel. They have everything I could wish : nice boys, good lay-out and welcoming atmosphere. The boys here are mainly cambodian, so I could as a bonus test my basic khmer : not really conclusive, but trying was good enough to arouse some interest from the boys – especially those not comfortable with english or thai. As a beer bar, drinks are cheap enough but they add 30 THB for boy drinks, which are then passed onto the boy, so you know where your money goes.

BC Bar Jomtian PattayaI quickly developped a circle of three boys and had good time with them although they had of course a tendency to speak khmer together. One of them spoke good english and another fairly good thai, so we could hold some conversation beyond the usual sign language. Little by little, it became clearer for me why I am more and more attracted to cambodian boys : beyond their often browner skin, and their lean body (due to a healthier food I guess), I learnt that very few khmer guys have tatoos on their skin, as those are regarded in a very negative way by khmer culture. Moreover katoeis are much less accepted in Cambodia than in Thailand especially in the work environment, hence the fact that a majority of khmer guys behave like real men, whatever they do in bed. .

I offed one of the three guys for his good looks and his limited english ; if sex was so-so, I truely enjoyed his company. However on the following day, I wanted to take one of his friends ; he had no problem about this when I spoke with him. So we were once again chatting and laughing and drinking and I was flirting with the former boy as well as with the prospective one. However at some point the latter left the table without saying anything. I thought first he had gone to the toilet, then of a visit to the local tobacco seller ; only after half an hour, boy number 3 told me my new friend was « busy », he had got a phone call of a farang who wanted to have him that night.

cambodian boyUseless to say I left angry, but not without taking the first boy for another night together. If this farang happens to read this blog, I can only call you an asshole at least if you knew that « your » boy was promised to another one that night ; people with good manners don’t behave like that. As for boy number 2, the one who left, I will take great pleasure ignoring him next time I go – supposing that I can resist to his beautiful smile of course.

Beyond this disappointment, I miss the atmosphere and the boys there, and hope they will stay long. This bar has already a good patronage, but thai authorities likely give them a hard time more often than it suits.

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