07 March 2015

Pattaya gay areas changing

How could a stay in Pattaya be only a matter of sea and beach when there are so many boys running around admiring your looks and your wallet ? With my boyfriend’s blessing, I could visit - alone - some of the dens of immorality which mark out the local streets. I even could negotiate some « free » nights in my hotel room, knowing it is so frustrating to find a gem in a bar and not being able to know him more intimately … I know there are often short term rooms for that purpose, but I never find them very romantic for a tryst.

lovely thai boy
I did not visit all Pattaya bars ; in fact I visited only some in Boyztown, and was really amazed to see how low some of them have gone. Vassa Bar was full of screaming ladyboys except for two boys who seemed not really at ease in this bunch, Dream Boys was average and Lucky 777 was pathetic, you find better-looking guys in every motosai row in Pattaya. I was alone in everyone of these bars, which is not a nice situation when you do not like what you see. I also happened to enter Wild West Boys in the middle of the show, as I had to get some change for the songthaew … only to realise that a visit to the next door Family Mart would have been more fun and less money for the same purpose.

Soi Sunee was as usual better. No hanky-panky this time with my favourite waiter in Eros Boys, the backroom is now closed and I was not in the mood to do the deed in public, unlike some customers ; this bar has a nice gang of boys too, anyway much better than it appears from their website. I kind of boycotted Krazy Dragon, not wanting to support bars which push the price up – they are generally quickly followed by other neighbouring bars.

Actually, I spent most of my evenings either chasing massage boys in Day and Night shops (where it is now commonly accepted that you can choose your masseur), and getting to know better the Jomtian Complex bars, that I had visited many times in the afternoon but almost never at night. Transportation was not as difficult as I had feared, so I went there three or four times, and this was a very refreshing change from Soi Sunee and still more from Boyztown area.

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