06 March 2015

Sea, sand and sun

These ten days in Pattaya have been wonderful thanks to an almost continuous sunny and hot weather. I could indulge in my favorite daytime activity : lazying in the heat or looking at the world go by from under an umbrella.

During a first stay, I had observed that the new regulations had not changed too much the layout of Jomtian Beach, except for the chairs being more packed than before. Sure we now feel a little bit squeezed, but that was not much of an inconvenience as many deckchairs were unused. Vendors were still there, some of them absolutely gorgeous - especially among icecream sellers. I just had to get used to more and more families encroaching on "our" territory ...

Jomtien gay beach on Wednesday
Jomtian on Wednesday : an eyesore
I had the curiosity to have a glance on a Wednesday when the beach is closed, courtesy of Dear Leader. Well that was not a pretty sight : few people roasting in the sun, rubbish everywhere, and hideous heaps of unused deckchairs and umbrellas. How authorities can accept such a disaster is beyond me, everyone would be so much better with a 7/7 opening. Those who prefer clean and desert beaches have still 99 % of thai beaches for them, in addition to the wide spaces left between the concessions in the 1% remaining.

Chatting with one of the beach operators, he told me that the general opinion was that the beach could well be completely wiped out of every chair and umbrella within one year … only an isolated opinion of course, but should this nonsense happen, it would mean bye bye Pattaya, welcome Sihanoukville.

Thai boys at sea
Boys holidaying at sea  - the thai way
My boyfriend and me also spent one Wednesday on Nang Ram Beach beyond Sattahip. Unfortunately this was on a thai public holiday and the place was overloaded with thai (and some russian) groups and families by noon. We left immediately, at least once we were able to move our car that had been blocked by some thoughtless driver. Lot of eye-candy of course, but I am not really at ease shooting pictures of young men in the middle of so many people.

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