16 March 2015

Staffing problems

During my final days in Bangkok, I took some time to visit the Saphan Kwai bars which are close to my hotel. What struck me was the poor number of boys staffing each bar I went to. In Charmming, there was even no boy available at all when I went, prompting me to turn my heels back without even ordering a drink – something I usually hate to do … Perhaps I want there too early : the boys now are very lax with working hours and often do not show up before ten o’clock … perhaps they are too busy to check their Romeo account ?

Be High gogo bar has been renovated and looks better than before. Still few boys, and still approaching even when uninvited, but the captain/waiter/mamasan is a cute young isan lad, who said me not to be available until bar closure. Drink 150 THB.

Not many boys in the other bars, and not really attractive in my opinion. I wonder if they do not keep the most handsome ones for their regular customers, as I saw very cute ones sitting in front of some places but not going inside to take care of customers … Perhaps I should have given some more time to visit Heaven Karaoke, who seem to have some well-hidden cuties ?

Times must be difficult as I saw big smiles and welcoming words from some bars owners that had ignored me before. Oasis at the end of the soi is now a TV repair shop, Waterloo is definitely a karaoke bar but massage is available on the premisess. Nothing changed for Adam, Street Boy, Staxx, Heaven and U-Turn ; one of the owners confirmed me that staffing was their main problem, due to social networks which boys prefer to use to make contact with potential customers. They now hire boys from Burma and Laos too, despite their patronage being mostly thai.

thai boy shower
On a better note, I went two more times to Nine Spa (left when entering Liberty Garden Hotel from Pradiphat Road) : this is the place where boys have their pictures shown to you on a tablet. Second time was with Laem, and on the third time I wanted to choose a new boy but immediately changed my mind when I saw Song (that I had chosen on the first time) in the flesh. Both were very skilled at their massage, and at ending it in the happiest way. Rooms are clean and have their own (cold or lukewarm) shower, prices are very reasonable. From the pictures on the tablet, and some I could see « live », I can confirm that this shop is right on if you like your masseur young and slim. Curiously enough, they do not advertise much although they had a page in Thaimassageboy website some months ago.

A stop in Magic Hands near Malaysia Hotel did not turn out as good. I had no choice of the boy, and although he was nice, I could see clearly his face only when going to the post-massage shower. He had not given any clue to a happy ending and even did not agree to my invitation to shower together. However the premises are nice and clean and will deserve a further visit.

Back to farangland now, only to see the euro in free fall against the baht and the US dollar (used in Cambodia and Laos). This will lead me to more frugal choices – if possible ! - for my next visits to the area, even if I had secured some provisions to my Kasikorn account when euro had still a reasonable value.

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Anonymous said...

I went to nine spa in april the place had
Closed sign in window but parking lot
Attendant insisted it was open. Knocked
On glass they let me in. Boys laying around
Not to eager jump up and very poor lighting.
I spoke with very cute boy and looked at menu.
My thai is limited and boy mabye did not
Understand I wanted him for massage.
Go to room take shower boy comes back
With another boy not really to my liking but accepted anyway.perhaps this place boy
Take turns to get customer?