22 February 2015

Magic southern islands

Due to work commitments, I never had the chance until now to visit Thailand during the best time of the year, that is January and February. Eighteen years of frustration have at last been compensated by a stay in the southern islands with my boyfriend. I just realise that for the first time in my life I have been able to enjoy a continuous sunny weather for more than three weeks, which never happens in the mountainous part of France where I live.

No gay adventure this time except the strong relation I have been in with my boyfriend since almost eleven years. Southern Thailand being mostly Moslim, no place for adventures, and anyway cute southern boys are not in great numbers – although those who have a nice face are really to die for. No sign of availability either.

Sunrise on Koh Yao Noi
Sunrise on Koh Yao

We spent three nights in the little known Koh Yao Noi island, in Phang Nga province, where the muslim inhabitants could until now maintain a low-profile tourism with few very expansive resorts and many middle-range family operations. You do not go there for the beaches as the water is generally shallow, but for the atmosphere, the simple and tasty seafood, and the landscapes. We took a boat tour to some of the many islands, some of them offering fantastic views, rode mountain bikes along deserted local roads, and spent a lot of time doing nothing, which is really not boring at all in this kind of place.

We had arrived through Phuket airport, and left to Krabi where I had planned a four day stay in Koh Lanta, renting a car from Krabi airport. This stay coinciding with both Valentine's Day and my own birthday, I had chosen to splurge on a rather expensive (by my standards) beachfront bungalow on the quiet Klong Nin beach. Everything went smooth, sunsets were beautiful as promised, and beaches large enough for everyone. If French tourists were a majority in Koh Yao, German ones seemed to prefer Koh Lanta.

In Krabi mainland, we visited some interesting waterfalls, along with the Emerald Pool much appreciated by farang youths escaping the cold season during their winter break. And I was also very proud to see my boyfriend able to climb the 1267 staircases leading to the summit of Wat Tham Sua, from where the view over Krabi town is impressive.

Krabi town from Wat Tham Sua summit
Exhausted boyfriend looking towards Krabi town
That was the touristy part of my trip, which I like almost as much as the fun part. Now back to more carnal pleasures with about two weeks to be shared between Bangkok and the unavoidable Pattaya.

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