09 February 2015

Surprises and disappointments

Bangkok is always my home port when I stay in Thailand, thanks especially to my hotel which accepts to keep my (excessive) luggage when I tour the provinces. But the Big Mango is also an attraction in itself where I like to relax and visit. Staying here in January, something I could not afford to do when I still was in the salt mine, also makes the city much more enjoyable.

Until now, I could only stay for short two-days periods. I used one of my evenings to visit the Hotel Malaysia lobby, where I have so many memories from my first trips to Thailand. Nothing has much changed – including the prices I am said - and the atmosphere is still the same as before : sleaze that you never see but that exudes from everywhere and everyone. A welcome addition to the area are the massage shops on the soi who seem to house some nice and willing cuties, making a further visit mandatory.

Street boy hustler in Bangkok
The good old days in Saranrom area

I also paid a visit to the Saranrom area, which came as a big disappointment : not more than about ten boys, all of them standing along Atsadang Road as if they were fearing police controls. This was on a Monday evening, I hope that the good old days of the Saranrom street hustlers have not gone.

Besides its overpriced gogo bars, Soi Twilight has got some beer bars that I had never taken the time to explore. The most interesting for me is the 1069 Bar just before reaching Classic Boys, also known for its vietnamese boys. And God they are cute ! I had a bad experience before with one of them that I had taken to a neighbouring short-time hotel. As always, I had not negotiated a price before, and was surprised to be strongly demanded 2500 THB when I had thought that a little more than 1500 THB would have been enough. The guy was cute but resolute, so I paid. I understand that the rules are now like these : if the boy is « offable », 500 THB for the bar, 500 THB for the so-called massage room and at least 1500 THB for the boy. This is what I was quoted by two of the guys working there, one of them with a « bad boy » look that I could not resist. I have still to figure whether some would accept to spend the night at my hotel.

After a short stay on my own in Siem Reap (more to come about it), I am now waiting for my boyfriend and a trip in the southern islands. No sex tourism this time (muslim area), but lazying on desert beaches and discovering the local cultures are on the agenda.

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ChristianPFC said...

The boys as Scorpion are indeed cute, but price and attitude and two poor experiences with Vietnamese boys in Soi Twilight put me off. There is only one place where I might engage with a Vietnamese boy: in Vietnam.