26 January 2015

Wintertime fun ahead

You never know what a holiday in Thailand will bring to you. However on the eve of leaving for my 28th stay in Thailand – the first in winter -, I am sure there will be many great times and, still more, the continuous impression of feeling good, wherever I am, whatever I do.

Unfortunately this trip begins amid a very bad atmosphere in Europe, due to the horrible crimes in Paris, and also to widespread worries about the economic situation. The value of euro has lost more than 17 % against thai bahts since my last trip in June, which will probably cause some unwanted limitations. I had booked flights and some hotel rooms and sent money before the freefall but, not being thai, I always think that what I spend to-day will have to be replaced next year probably at a higher rate.

Siem reap boy
Siem Reap again ...
The program for this five-weeks trip includes four days in Siem Reap, which I am eagerly looking forward to. I will go there alone, and have not planned any visit to the main temples – I already saw them last June in a more quiet atmosphere. So the days will be filled with resting, enjoying the guesthouse, perhaps biking, and of course admiring the local talent. I have been rather diligent at my khmer lessons but this will probably not be enough for having long chats in the local language ; at least I should find further incentive to go on learning.

In Thailand I will trip with my boyfriend to Southern islands. This has been a long dream of me but until now I had never been able to come to Thailand in winter, when the weather is at its best in the area. We will avoid Phuket as the beach situation there seems to be hopeless, but I could have the opportunity to spend one night in Ao Nang, where two low-key boy bars are supposed to be open.

For the remaining three weeks, both Bangkok and Pattaya are on the map. Depending on the atmosphere in the beachside resort, and most of all at the Jomtian beach, I could stay longer in the capital or in some other towns that I never visited.

If I needed only one reason to be happy to go back, it would be enough to have a glance out of the window and see snow falling with more to come at the end of the week. Finally these winters in Europe will not be missed !

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