24 October 2015

Starting full speed

Here I am again… looking at my usual hotel room and thinking that it is like my second home, which I think of almost everyday when in my country.

As expected, travelling with an arabic company was much more bearable than with the european ones. Two hours walking and sitting in Doha Airport in the middle of the trip was just what was needed for some relaxation. The second leg to Bangkok was flown in an Airbus A-800, which really offers more comfort and room even in Y class.

Leaving the airport, I had to remind my taxi driver to turn the meter on, which he obliged, and he was then very delightful and chatty. I told him about the best way to go to Saphan Khwai : the shortest route is not always the quickest.

Unfortunately I felt very quickly the effects of an old sore which could greatly disturb my trip. Long and too fast walks in the airports had awakened an old heel tendinitis which could bring me to cancel some trips. I had to go to a clinic where I was prescribed some medicine which will at least allow me to walk more or less normally.

As a consequence, I did not even visit the Silom area during my first three nights in Bangkok. From my hotel, most Saphan Kwai venues are within easy reach, and then I had already two appointments with Facebook “friends”. At first I went to Be High bar, still there but with only three boys on this Wednesday evening ; unfortunately the young captain/manager is not available. All bars were very quiet and the owners quite pessimistic. However a new place has just opened, another karaoke called D-door (or something like that), next door to Haven in Soi Kawtei (where most boys bars are). There are still some cuties to be found in Saphan Khwai, like this 18 y/o karen boy, not shy and whom I will take to my room for sure.

But the main change in Saphan Khwai is the increasing number of massage places with boys ; there are two of them just under the BTS station, three more in the backsois near the infamous Phahol Cinema, and Seven which has just moved to the area behind the Big C parking exit. Add some places with both boys and girls, and Nine Spa in the Liberty Garden court, and that gives about 10 shops within in a very small area.

Seven Eleven thai boy
Available 7/11 boy
My first appointment was with a dark-skinned 19 y/o from Bang Na, who was OK to spend the night with me. As soon as I saw him approaching among the crowds of travelers leaving the BTS station, I knew I would like him : tall, dark-skinned and lean, so meeting exactly my specifications, and of course looking much better than on the pictures. He was a nice boy, not too much engrossed in his mobile phone, but was reluctant to kissing. I hope to see him again in Pattaya, where he would like to work in Toy Boys, where he would be undoubtedly very successful. No picture allowed for this little gem.

On the following day, I had a long bus ride to Minburi, where I had another appointment with a boy working in a 7/11 shop. I had reserved a room in a local hotel where he showed up on time. He did not loose time to open his trousers, and I must say that I liked what I saw …. Believe me, you are surely not cheated on quantity when you buy a sausage in his 7/11 outlet ! I went back to Saphan Khwai for sleeping, letting him make good use of the room with one of his boy- or girl-friend.

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