30 October 2015


After a short warming up in Bangkok, the first part of my trip was dedicated to the north : not really a free choice, as my boyfriend lives and works there. However I had kept two days for myself, in order to check the situation in Chiang Mai.

Well I am sorry to say that the scene in the Rose of the North did not really impress me, knowing that such a claim cannot be asserted through a two-days stay. I visited most bars in Soi 6, thanks to the very accurate map provided on the Chiang Mai news website (link on the right) : most have a good atmosphere, the boys are welcoming and nice, but not in great numbers. And the sleaze factor which was permeating the famous alley facing the D2 hotel has gone : very few rough guys, and only some neat and tidy young men eager to find company for a night or support for life.

I visited only two bars in the Chang Phuak area. Freeguys was a favourite of mine, but has now turned to a host bar with karaoke late evening. The light is too weak so you simply cannot see clearly the boys : a pity as some could be very interesting ; 200 bahts for a drink seem a little bit steep in these conditions. Adam’s Apple is little bit more welcoming but I did not stay for the 22.30 show, and the boys there are really into muscle, which is not really my thing.

Freeguys gay bar in Chiang Mai
Staff in former Freeguys bar

Once again I was more lucky with the massage boys. I went exploring Chiang Mai Land village where there are at least three shops with boys. Despite the early hour, Sixty Nine club seemed to have already many lads available, judging from the number of motorbikes parked in front. However I wanted to try 333 Club, which is on the main street (but will change location very soon). Only three boys had arrived, most of them come only at about 7 o’clock, I chose Bank who first massaged my legs, and quickly asked me to turn over ; it did not take long for him to got to the main part, which he did skillfully despite being rather young. I asked him to take off what was still hiding his nudity, which he obliged and we ended cuddling together, as I could not take my hands off his silk-like skin.

Some further days would probably have allowed me to know the scene better, at least by visiting at more suitable times ; I have always been surprised by the fact that Chiang Mai seems to welcome newcomers rather reluctantly, and that you need more time for being acknowledged by the boys.


John Adam said...

Are all male massage therapy clients gay?
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ilz said...

In massages places, you do not see other customers a lot - not like in the bars where everybody can see everybody. So only the boys could answer.
There are probably straight men coming there and it's everyone's guess to know whether they indulge in extra services in the heat of the action.