17 October 2015

Time for another round

Touring Thailand in good company

Still three days … and I will escape the cold here in Europe for another one-month stay in Thailand. My boyfriend is now working and cannot leave, so we will have only four or five days together in the northern area where he is living. That will leave me a lot of free time to spend on my own : for my homework, Facebook, gay websites and forums were used much more than tourist guides !

My calendar has already some firm appointments, mostly in Bangkok. At first there will be this dark-skinned student who proposed his services on some appropriate Facebook group ; actually, he is the reason why I decided to come a little earlier than previously planned. I will meet him in Bangkok and if we get along well, I will invite him one or two days in Pattaya - where he already seems to stay more often than your usual broke student ... "I like the sea", he tells me.

There will be a promising Seven Eleven boy too (a fantasy come true !), whom I will meet in a far away suburb, fee and appointment already set. And also this pretty - legal - young thing who worked in a Sri Racha pub when we got acquainted, and has since moved to Chainat. We never chatted about sex with him, so it will be part of the thrill to get him into my room ; if this fails, I will have at least added a new province to my list !

I have also booked a three-days trip to Udon Thani, as there seemed to be some interesting lads in the area ; however most were underage, including a Nong Khai student who had been pledging his love daily for one month and has then disappeared – he has since entered a mor-lam group as a dancer. So I am still eagerly looking for someone, knowing that all bars in town have now closed. I will perhaps stay one night in neighbouring Nong Bua Lamphu, where I can only hope to be lucky.

Sure I know that inviting Facebook boys could be at best deceptive, at worst dangerous. But who could resist the continuous flow of cuties appearing daily on the social networks ? And then I regard it as a way to pay off all the time and efforts I put in learning thai ...

massage boys in gay Bangkok
Massage boys bunch in Sukhumwit shop (Thailand Gay Guide)
During my extensive researches, I was also happy to discover how many new massage places open – and close – all over Thailand . I will try some, thanks to a japanese website (listed on the right), which gives detailed maps and enough information in english. According to a thai forum, there are added services offered in many ordinary massage shops, just like in Pattaya, including in some shops I had passed by daily in my beloved Saphan Khwai area - unaware of their mere presence.

Chiangmailand massage joints look promising too, so Chiang Mai should keep me very busy for the two days I will spend there alone.The huge information available on the Chiang Mai News website (listed aside too) will be put to good use for sure !

Thailand has always something new and promising to offer ; why should I be jaded going there for my 29th trip ?

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BMac said...

Hi there,

Not quite into my full name in this public spot yet. I will ask a blunt question, and maybe a naive or annoying one to you.

I have a Thai partner and our relationship is open, like yours. I have been to Thailand many times and can speak simple Thai. But I've been too shy to approach the money scene. I would love to have a chance at meeting some of the guys you meet, and will read your blog thorougly to find out more.

So I'm wondering two things:

1. Are all your Facebook contacts for pay?
2. What is the "going rate?" Does it depend on the nature of the services provided (hand one price; oral another; anal another)

I apologize if these questions are too blunt, naive, or stupid, but I've always been curious about the cost and expectations, but too shy to ask.

Thanks for your interesting blog,

BMac / Canada