21 November 2015

... and Pattaya nights

The bar scene in Pattaya was not as depressing as the New Dongtan Beach, except for the Sunee Plaza gay area shrinking every year. Nice Boys was the bar where I felt the better, but I did not have time to visit neither Eros Boys nor Good Boys – although there was this dark-skinned blond-haired lad that did not seem shy at all. Sitting in the very welcoming Sky Bar was the closest I came to this den of debauchery.

Beer bars were loaded with too many gay boys and lady boys for my taste, so I spent most of my time in Jomtien Complex. In BC Bar, the boys are clearly on the male side, besides being generally very cute and eager. Sorry I had not kept up learning khmer language, but I found their english not bad at all and there is always someone speaking english or thai to help you. I took one to my room, and another in one of their rooms above the bar : not a loss of time if you want to know. I was just lucky that the boys I fancied were not already busy with customers.

Kawai Boys gay bar in Pattaya
Kawai Boys in Pattaya
Boyztown had also some interesting staff especially in Kawai Boys which I liked very much – but once again I did not visit all places. Let's just say that the level of drink prices does not always match the cuteness ratio : I was really disappointed in Toy Boys, but that is probably only a matter of personal taste.

As for the massage places, I tried only the one facing Bordeaux Restaurant, among the six or seven shops scattered around the Tuk.com area. I asked to choose my masseur and had the chance to be treated by an absolute delight : Kaow, a young (legal) boy from Nakhon Phanom, who gave me a strong and skillful massage ; unlike most masseurs, he was not reluctant at all when it came to kissing and to wanking himself to completion. He is now back home but will come back after the rice harvesting I guess.

And finally I went to a gay karaoke suggested by my boyfriend who had joined me on my last day in Pattaya. The place is in fact the Royal House Message in Day 1 Night Area, which turns into a karaoke at night. There is a whole line of boys that you can call to your table every half-hour or so, for a 200 THB fee (of which the boy gets 100), pleasant, though there is some pressure to call each time the shift is over. I paid 1700 THB for a red Label bottle, mixers included, and of course some tips to the boys and the waiters. This can make the night out a little bit expensive, but the atmosphere was good and a good time was had by all. This is a rather thai for thai place, so very few gay guys in sight, which I liked.

And that was all for Pattaya for this trip : a rather quiet Pattaya, which keeps all its appeal at night but where I will have to be more inventive for filling my afternoons in the future.

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