02 December 2015

Saphan Kwai massage shops

Samuel Johnson could have said it : "when a man is tired of Bangkok, he is tired of life". Eleven nights and a half in Bangkok versus only nine in Pattaya : if that is an indicator, no doubt I would lean towards the Big Mango against Sin City every time the usual fruitless quarrel rears its head. Between my trips, I spend more and more time around my homely hotel room in Saphan Kwai, and this for one plain reason : I feel really good there.

Most of my days were spent going here and there in Bangkok ; when in Farangland, I live in a quiet - albeit very scenic – place, so any reason is a good reason to partake in the vibrant Bangkok life among thousands of people. When enough is enough, I then come back to Saphan Khwai, often being the only farang left in the BTS train after Phayathai station (except on week-ends). And from the station, it's then a rather circuitous route to my room, in order to see what's is on offer in front of the many massage shops now operating in the area.

thai massage boy
Waiting for a customer
I did not visit all of them, and this was probably wise as I read in a thai forum that not all provide extra services. Most have a queue system, so you will go with the boy whose turn has come ; however you usually can insist on choosing the boy you prefer, or even ask for one you know from a previous visit or from someone's advise. Do know that except in Nine Spa, there is no privacy if you ask for a thai massage or foot massage. Other kinds will entitle you to a more or less private room, but usually with light partitions not going up to the ceiling (common air-conditioned system). If you have time on your hands, it has been suggested that you ask for a foot massage first, just to see how things are working and which boys meet your requirements.

The places I visited were all clean, welcoming and charged reasonable rates especially before 5pm. So from Saphan Kwai BTS station (exit n°1) and going back towards Pradiphat Road, you will pass by these shops :
> Amor Spa and Am Fine under exit n° 1 : two adjacent places, one small and the other larger where I could saw some handsome lads but did not enter.
> Going on along Phahonyothin, enter the second soi on the right leading to 39 Underground Sauna : again two adjacent boy-only places on your right with many cute guys : I-Sabay and Romphruk. I went twice to the latter, which has mostly vietnamese boys ; extra-service proposed and tip agreed, and then the boy will more or less accept to be in the nude
> Turn left, pass by Phahon Theater (another infamous gay place by all accounts), you will find Pailin on your left. Few boys in front of the shop but it seems busy inside ; strict queue system I am said, including girls.
> Follow the very narrow pathway and then turn left back to Phahonyothin : facing Big C you will pass by Noble Spa, and then Sabaidee just at the corner of Pradiphat Road : these are shops with both boys and girls and a queue system as well, but you could probably avoid it if you order an oil massage and ask to choose – especially in the last one where I had only a nice foot massage by a nice girl.
> Cross the road and go to Big C, follow the car entrance and exit on the right of the mall and then turn right on the Soi leading south to Suthisan Road : you will reach Seven Massage who has just relocated in a subsoi here. Boy-only place where I did not had enough time to go, but looks promising and very professionnal.

thai boy massaging thai boy
Will extras be part of the game ?
And finally there is of course Nine Spa in the Liberty Garden Hotel, the only place which comes close to a real gay massage shop with private rooms and slightly higher prices ; here, extra services are part of the game, possibly including hard ones. You choose your boy from a tablet which shows their pictures. The cashier is not always available and as he is the only one you can see in the flesh (so he has a definite advantage over others), you could regret it at first. Most of their boys are nowadays hill-tribe boys from Tak province ; I highly recommend Phet who knows perfectly how to make you shiver with pleasure along the whole process, bringing you like in a trance when serious things begin.

The premises will undergo a complete renovation, and the shop will have to move near the BTS station – but I still do not know exactly where. If I don't get any information before my next trip, be sure I will comb the entire area until I can find it !


Anonymous said...

Confirm there is a shop named BRIDGE in a soi next to exit 3 of BTS Sapan Kwai-green label, black glass sliding front doors, no further label outside, easy to find. A little further from the soi with many shops to cinema/sauna. Intend to visit in the next weeks.

Anonymous said...

I have previously tried bridge when they were called nine at liberty hotel and liked them a lot. And continued to visit them as bridge. But unfortunately, just very recently, my pants pocket was picked, presumably when i was in the shower and i lost 1000baht. It was a single note that i had kept and intended to use as tip to the masseur. Of course i now regret not taking my pants to the shower room with me.