15 November 2006


I have now come back home and resumed the everyday boring routine. Despite the nice weather here, no sunshine can match the thai sunshine and I already miss the place where I have been staying for exactly 26 days.

Last beer in Thailand
The travel trip back home was nothing to write about ; only some hidden tears (from me) after waiving Tam goodbye at Morchit, and it was then a short taxi ride to Suwanaphum where I arrived very early. No wonder I had no waiting time when checking-in, but some other rows seemed to be overcrowded.

I could visit the place and found it convenient but definitely too much like a shopping mall and not enough an airport. There are a lot of shops airside and I could not resist a last beer in a bar (Singha 150 THB) despite having sworn that I would boycott the King Power shops .. not difficult when you see the prices of what is on offer.

..........Down to hell ... Suwanaphum, gate E02

I travelled with Austrian Airlines and had a three hours stopover in Vienna, which is a nice small airport. No thai boy on board this time but a magnificent view over the Alps between Vienna and Geneva. How quiet Geneva is when you come from the hustle and bustle in Bangkok ! And to think that Geneva is the place where I go when I want to escape my too quiet place !

After arriving home, it was the usual unpacking stuff, the last physical contact with what had been last touched in the room of a Saphan Kway hotel ... I phoned Tam and I found he seemed to have drunken quite a lot, as he spoke very quickly. I got in contact with him exactly at the time he was cashing some bahts from the ATM (I could distinctly hear the sound of the keys being pressed) ... probably from the money I had just transferred to his account before leaving. He told me he was ordering a craftsman to finish off some work in his house and needed some money for this. I had seen by myself that there was indeed still a lot of work to be made, especially the ceiling which should protect him from the cold/hot air.

To-day, before going back to work, I phoned him once again, and told him I thought he was drunk yesterday. He mumbled some words and suddenly I could only hear the "beep-beep" of a phone that had been hung up ... as if he did not want to be blamed for something he was not proud of ... as if he did not want to speak with me.

I did not try to phone him back, and he did not either ... this could be a soft way to break up, couldn't it ?

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