06 November 2006


I have been staying in Pattaya now for two days and I understand once again why I always trip around Thailand BEFORE going to Pattaya. Because if I didn't, I would never have been in any other part of Thailand ... not that I love Pattaya, but this place is like a magnet that you can escape only if you are compelled to.

This year, Pattaya is more alluring than ever. The Sunee scene is vibrant, dangerous, diabolic, .... you feel like a butterfly which goes towards the light only to be burnt by it ... and you step back at the last second ... and the light is always there which lures you again ... and you approach ...

On the first day, we went with Tam and one of his friend to see the two main "attractions" of the place : the 10 pm show in Kaos and the all-evening show in Crazy Dragon. Both places are crazy, but why should I avoid them if I like it ?

The "show" in Kaos is exactly like many described it : dozens of boys, some quite young, taking off their underwears and dancing in the buff ... the bar is jam packed (reading the gay forums you would think that no one goes there ...), and it would be tempting to think with one's scrotch and act as if there was no law and no limit ... The boys are beautiful and even if most hide their treasure with their hand, seeing nude young bodies more or less dancing is very pleasing to the eye and somewhere else too....You would had to be blind to forget what is behind this show ; especially, many boys if not most are probably high on illicit drugs : too excited, too keen on showing off their nude body, too friendly with the audience.... But I will not be an hypocrite and I can only say I like to go sometimes to this kind of place (and I am obviously far from being alone ...).

We then went to Krazy Dragon which seemed much tamer in comparison ... A Khorat boy whom I had chatted with last week (incredibly cute face but very shy attitude) had already gone back home and many boys seemed to be busy with farangs. Another great place to go in Pattaya but better to go early when all the boys are still there.

Thian, isaan boy
Thian, should I be jealous ?
Yesterday was Loy Krathong day ... We spent the evening in Jomtien with Tam, friends of him, and also Thian, a cute isaan massage boy who is never far from Tam although having a girlfriend ... A lot of alcool was drunk, a good time for all even if I generally prefer a more intimate atmosphere for this beautiful thai tradition.

To-day is day 3 in Pattaya and will have the same pattern as usual :  sunbathing at the hotel pool in the morning, Jomtien in the afternoon, restaurant and bar-hopping in the night. Tam has definitely given up the idea of going with me in the evening ; generally we eat together in a restaurant (more than often in Googies where the food is good and where his friends work), and then I go alone to the bars while he stays with his friends.

This is a dangerous freedom he allows me, I suspect more and more that he is not attached to me like before and he prefers being with his friends (which would be quite understandable) and also drinking beer and alcool (which I could find more worrying).

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