12 November 2006

Notes (2)

Holiday 2
By far the the sleaziest gogo-bar in Pattaya ... as soon as you enter, a boy will come and sit with you, and will not oppose at all if you want to kiss him, or much more. In the same time, three or four other boys sit on the stage with their dick out and working it. Boys are rather old by Sunee Plaza standards and not too cute but you would not come here for eye candy but for action ...
Nice place with a good atmosphere and mostly nice boys on stage. The staff is very friendly.
Beware not walking on the boy's feet when going to your seat ! Many ladyboys once again but some beautiful male lads among them. Beware ID cards.
...(censured)... Bar
The place in the middle of Sunee where you would not like to be caught dead. I went inside (doormen are very agressive and efficient here !) but was not impressed except by the sadness of the place. There is a gloomy streetside bar next door where some nasty action seems to take place between old (and I mean : old) farangs and young (and I mean : young) street lads. I am not a fussy guy but this was really too much ...
Y2K Gogo Bar
I went there because of a doorman only to find a bunch of very ordinary boys and almost no customers at all. Sorry for the owner who seems to be very proud of his selection ...
Red Dragon (Day & Night)
Has recently been turned into a gogobar but they are in fact both a beer bar outside and a gogobar inside. Nothing to write home about but a nice all-red decor.
Having developped special relations with one of the boys, I went quite often in this beer-bar (for chatting, cuddling and offing). Except for two of them, the lads seem to change very often, but were invariably young and cute. The (thai) owner could do well too....
Mic's My Boy Bar
This is the beer bar between K-Boys and Forest House. I have to say I do not understand how this bar works ... they always have cute boys sitting in front of it, working hard to call you for having a drink. Nevertheless I hardly saw any customer here. A boy explained me that most customers come very late in the evening, as the places turns into a karaoke and closes very late. In my humble opinion, they could do better if the boys did not sit on the street level but on the bar level so that you could see more of their nice faces... The place has some discrete corners where it would be easy to strike up a thorough acquaintance with any boy you would fancy about.
This is a special place for me as I met Tam there ... They are now specialising into ladyboys (easier to manage, said the owner) but this beer-bar remains a welcoming easygoing place with an unobstructed view over the Kaos entry ... and doormen !
Royal House Message Place
I generally do not like to go in massage places probably because I only had ordinary experiences with the massage boys I have met so far. The massage that a Nakhon Phanom young lad gave (err.. sold...) me was definitely the best one I ever had in Thailand at least for the "special" part of it. Promising myself to give more time to this kind of entertainment next time I go to Thailand ... Royal House is somewhat hidden behind Day and Night Plaza on Soi 3.

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