08 November 2006


It will soon be the end of my stay in Pattaya before going back to Boringland ... Everything has been like I thought and the schedule I had forecast was followed almost everyday. Tam has gone back home for two days because of a party for his aunt's wedding ... This is perhaps true but this is for me a new indication that he is not as interested in staying with me as before ... in fact I will interpret this as a green light for breaking with him without too much damage for him.

Of course I did not stay in the room waiting for him and I visited a fair number of Pattaya bars. Here is a short review of those I went to.

Cartier Boys
This bar is the closest to my hotel so this is the first one I went to. The owner had a bar in Nakhon Sawan before, and he relocated both the bar and the staff in Pattaya. I found the boys there to be well above average as far as looks are concerned ; they are mainly real boys, I did not spot any obvious ladyboy.
 The emphasis is put on quality for the boys, the entertainment, the decor and also the price which seems a little bit higher than in most other bars in Pattya ; there are two shows in the evening : one with the boys in a very well made Chippendale-style show and another later in the evening (cabaret show).
 This bar and the boys should be encouraged despite the bad location. The Soi Buakhao area is thriving now with a lot of girlie bars, hotels, etc but still no gay place except this one ; perhaps Cartier Boys will be a pioneer the way Crazy Pub started the Sunee Plaza scene.

Dream Boy
In Pattayaland : the percentage of real boys seems higher in this bar and some are on the cute side but not all. For me the best bar in the soi.

Star Boys
This bar is on the wrong side of Pattaya 2 if you are in Boystown but they always have a staff of young and friendly guys, and no one hassles you for offing or for drinking, which I like.

Other Pattayaland bars
I went to Handy Boys, West Wild Boys, Gacuya, Sawatdee, Four Seasons and Gentleman. I was surprised to find very few farangs when I went there (they were generally outnumbered by asian customers except in Gentleman). Also the prices for drinks vary from one place to another, West Wild Boys being the most expensive and this not being justified by the cuteness of the boys on display, at least for my eyes.

Fogus Bar
This is a new beer bar facing the New Paradise Inn near Sunee Plaza. Definetely situated in the jailbait category and seems to have links with the most infamous bar in Sunee Plaza (the one that nobody even dares to name ...). On October 24 th they had three absolute stunners from Kalasin and Nong Khai and on the 25th, three absolute stunners were to be seen with handbags ready to embark on the bus back home. They are probably at school now (school holidays finished on the 31st) ... mattayon four perhaps ? The bars remained almost desert after these guys went out except for two or three urchins and the very pushy mamasan.

K Boys (Sunee)
Another crazy place where every hour or so, four boys dance in the buff on one of the cubicles situated at the corners of the main scene. The age average here is about the same as in Kaos but there is not much discipline. I was softly chatting with a boy when the lights went off and a birthday cake was brought ... just for my new friend ! I felt somewhat embarrassed to be designated to everyone's attention but discreetly tipped accordingly to the event. I dared to ask how old the boy was but did not get any clear answer. Nevertheless I did not intend to "off", the atmosphere in this bar is still more scary than in the other one with some boys seeming to be very far away and some other overexcited. OK for eye candy but nothing more ! And definitely too many ladyboys.

More to follow ...

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