11 November 2006

Short time

I have always been surprised by the shyness of posters on gay boards ... almost never any name, and never any picture ... If you are a member of straight boards such as Pattayatalk, you will often see full trip reports with all the most intimate details and X rated pictures. Never saw this on any thai-related gay board ...

No nude picture here but I thought I could share one of the boys I have offed in Pattaya. He was a guy from Chayaphum, a little bit shy but with a very cute face, one of the few masculine guys in a bar which has mainly effeminate boys and katoeys.

Chayaphum bar boy
Well-built Chayaphum boy
On the day after I offed him I went back to the bar but a police raid was announced and he was not there like many others (which could mean he was underage, but I doubt it). On the second day, Mamasan told he was sick and did not come. And on the third day, another waiter told me he had gone to Bangkok to look for another job.

I will never know the truth and probably will never meet him again. He was only a brief encounter like many others before I met Tam, and like many others after I will break with him. And like others, I will always remember the short time we had together.

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colm on llz - show us some flesh! :-P