02 November 2006

Chiang Rai

From Chiang Khong it is another nice trip towards Chiang Rai : the roads here are quiet and well-marked and it is a real pleasure to drive among the mountains and the paddies.

We stopped at the Golden Triangle and then made the mandatory trip to the burmese side of the boarder in Tachilek. Tam and me bought a lot of CDs, he also bought some kind of sex medicine (apparently used to help convince women (or men ?) to have sex ...) but he was searched by the thai customs on the way back and the drug was seized ... I should have accepted to take it with me because I was not searched and no farang seemed to have been as well. 

Border crossing from Tachilek to Mae Sai
Border crossing from Burma to Mae Sai

On the burmese side, we had a tour with a (nice) tuk-tuk driver who brought us to the few tourist places in Tachilek. We were lucky to find that he spoke thai perfectly, being a burmese national from a thai origin (Thai Yai). He told us it was possible to find girls as youg as 13 in a local brothel at night, but he had never heard of anything like this for boys

In Chiang Rai we stopped at the Wangcome Hotel which has overpriced rooms at 1700 THB/night but is conveniently located close to the two boys bars in town. Of course we visited both to find very cute boys in each of them. In these bars, only one boy dances in his underbriefs at the same time while others are dressed and sit in the bar waiting for their turn. They dance for four or five songs so that you have to wait a long time to see all the boys.

Regency is located immediately on the north of Wang Come Hotel while Lobo Bar is located 200 meters further in a small alley on the right when you go towards the clock tower, in the middle of many girlie bars. We finally "offed" one boy from each bar who led us to a disco called Par Pub where we had really a great time (with the help of some Red Labelled stuff).

It is now Thursday morning in Chiang Rai ; we have been visiting Wat Khao (Wat Rong Khun) which is an absolute wonder. This wat is a lifetime project of a thai artist and it is entirely white, making it completely different from any other temple in Thailand. It is still not finished yet and has yet to appear in any tourist guide, but seeing this twinkling temple under the sun is really magic (and they say it is still more impressive in the moonlight).

Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai
Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai

It is time now to return the rent car, wait for the Air Asia flight to Bangkok and go back to more familiar areas ... One thing which makes me wonder is that Tam has already lost the threads that his mother tied around his wrists. He tells me that they tore already but I cannot believe this. Tam speaks more and more about one of his friends who took good care of him when he was injured, he even speaks about him as a geek (thai slang word for a second-ranked lover). Would Tam be in love (which I would not mind at all ) ? This would explain a lot about his now more distant attitude ...

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