13 June 2014

Phnom Penh gay nights

Enticed by all the sweet faces I had seen in the streets, I was fancying numbers of bars with gorgeous boys ready to know me better ... Phnom Penh nights are not really like that, but there is enough to keep you busy for some time.

We visited only the places located close to the hotel, as both of us had been quite impressed by the traffic conditions. There were two bars within walking distance : Two Colours Bar just around the corner, and Blue Chilli Bar within five minutes. Both would compare with the host bars in Sunee Plaza with outdoor sitting and reasonable prices. I found there were not a lot of available boys, but we were on a weeknight. As I was not alone, eye contact was probably more difficult too.

Heart of Darkness Pub in Phnom Penh
Pub in Phnom Penh
I had a blast at the Heart of Darkness disco, about 15 minutes on foot from the hotel. We treated ourselves to a Mouton-Cadet red wine bottle (quickly followed by a second one) for only 30 USD each. I really loved the music there : only good international disco music without the local songs that too often spoil the atmosphere in thai pubs.For that exact reason, my boyfriend did not like the evening as much as me - despite the red wine he is very fond of too.

Although not strictly gay, the place was mostly patronized by boys but not much flirtation as most seemed to be there for pleasure and not for finding customers. Some farangs were to be seen alone, including elder ones - like me. 

I will leave for a next trip the massage places and the other local boys bars, which anyway do not seem to be numerous for the time being. The scene could however expand very quickly ...

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