20 June 2014

More to Siem Reap than the temples

Besides being the mandatory entry point to the Angkor Complex temples, Siem Reap is also fast becoming the hip capital of Cambodia, with a thriving nightlife ; surprisingly enough, gay tourism is an integral part of this development, although with a limited numbers of bars and accomodation.

Most farang-oriented nightlife is concentrated in Pub Street area which is the local Khao San Road. Truth to be said, I did not really appreciate it : very commercial, full of the same young farang you can find in Pai, Vang Vien or Kho Phangan - but to each its own. At least this produces a very lively atmosphere where people seem to really enjoy themselves - I could not help thinking of Pattaya which seems to have lost part of this kind of customer base.

The Linga Bar is the only real gay bar in the place with a high-end and trendy atmosphere and some freelancers. We ended our evenings there trying out many of their cocktails ; however we were not impressed at all by the 10.30 week-end show. Pity we could not attend the other one in the Station Wine Bar - said to be much better at least for now.

Boy massage in Siem Reap
"good massage, special massage Sir ...."
I was more interested by the massage places which are located on the edge of Pub Street area and along the sois leading to Siem Reap Night Market. No boy-only place but these shops advertise cheap service ; rather young boys and girls try agressively to lure you into, strongly hinting at happy endings. No private room or private bathroom however, so I wonder what happens when there are more than one customer at the same time - not mentioning risks of theft.

I went twice with a sweet 19 y/o local guy with a face to die for, and not shy at all when it came to kissing, hugging and more. Massage was really too light but he was eager to please, very loving and careful. I bought a shirt for him only to have change enough for paying the massage fee (he had a good tip too), which made him very fond of me. Sorry for him, but there are so many other gorgeous boys in this area that I would have liked to try them all.

There are gay-only massage places too, including nearby Hatha Blue Khmer, which I did not try although the boys standing in front were very inviting. Moreover, boys on the street and some tuk-tuk drivers seem readily available for everything, and there is probably a more discreet scene to be explored  : sure I have to go back one day - preferably alone and without any commitment...

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