09 June 2014

On my own in Bangkok

After this highly cultural tour to Hua Hin, I have been staying on my own in Bangkok enjoying freedom as well as the quiet way of life of those who have time on their hands. I visited some apartments on behalf of one of my nephews who will have a six months on-the-job training here. As far as I know he is not gay but I warned him this country can be bewitching and he should always stay cool-hearted in every circumstance.

Scorpion Bar in Soi Twilight (courtesy Nickysgaypattaya)
Scorpion Bar in Soi Twilight (courtesy Nickysgaypattaya)
Silom is very quiet at the moment, and I went there only for looking at the world going by from the Dick's Café terrasse. I entered Classic Boys just to see only girlish twinkies and being charged an outrageous 350 THB for a Coke. Change came with a 100THB and 50 THB note, as if we should leave a 50 THB tip for such a rip-off ! The 50 THB went to the mamasan and I limited my tip to the usual 20 THB (I usually give more in the standard priced restaurants or bars). Super A bar and Scorpion open air bar were more reasonably priced with much more pleasure for the eye.

My boyfriend will join me this evening and to-morrow afternoon will be the flight to Pnom Penh where we should arrive in the evening for a three days stay. And my nephew should arrive to-morrow early in the morning for doing a five-months internship in Bangkok (lucky young man !). Of course I will go to welcome him at the airport and help for his first steps in the Land of Smiles, so this should be a rather harassing day ….


ChristianPFC said...

Welcome back to Thailand!

From visiting some rural areas, I think it is boring there, even in provincial capitals unless there is a park or lake.

350 Baht in Classic? They have no price posted, and it might be that they charge different prices, depending on if they know you and what you look like. Last price I remember was 300 Baht.

typo: understands end respects

Anonymous said...

where is Orion bar please in bangkok?

ilz said...

My mistake ... it is in fact Scorpion Bar in Soi Twilight, Suriwong Road. Thank you for correcting.