07 June 2014

Hot trip to Hua Hin

I did not feel as excited as before when reaching Thailand this time. The reason is obvious : a trip to Thailand, which previously doubled as the huge relief of being released from all work commitments and hassles, is now just this : a trip to Thailand. The excitement came back quickly as soon as I saw all these wonderful boys along the streets.

After a first day for recovering, I was soon joined by my young Khorat friend - the one who on our first meeting twenty months ago was not interested in anything other than playing on the bed. No change of mind on his side : the trip we had planned to Hua Hin was mostly devoted to hugging and some other basic needs, the rain being a good excuse for staying in bed longer than appropriate.

This guy is only 20, with the boy-around-the-corner look that I like (see picture below), something in his eyes which says « come », and skillful enough for endless entertaining . I still wonder why he is always willing to stay with this older farang. Sure he did not turn down the money I offered him, but I also think that these upcountry boys have a rather boring life : so some seize every opportunity just to leave their place and discover new people, provided that the farang understands and respects them, and can speak some thai.

Willing young thai lad
We just found some time to visit the new Water Market, far enough from town and not really worth the trip. When going to the beach, we were both repelled by the awful stench of horses, who are said to be the main attraction of the place … I also visited – alone - the two remaining bars in town, both very quiet with only two three boys in each.

Two nights in Hua Hin and one in Bangkok with this devil were enough to tear me out, and I am now happy to stay on my own for at least three nights in the thai capital.

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